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A New Player's Guid to Morgana.

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With Morgana being free next week, I thought it might be of some benefit to write a brief guide on how to play her. Note that this truly is a guide for new players; I am one myself. I'm only relating what worked for me in the ~10 games I've played with Morgana to give others an idea of what to expect/a starting point to creating their own playstyle. Much of what I say may be completely wrong from a top-end standpoint, keep in mind that it is tailored for beginners.

Additionally, this (http://www.leaguecraft.com/strategies/guide/1043,GiRLSTAR%27s+Super+Awesome+Delicious+Morgana+Guide%21) is the first guide that I read on Morgana (by GiRLSTAR) and I have likely drawn many elements from it subconsciously.


Morgana is an excellent champion regardless of where you're laning. If you're mid, you'll be keeping the enemy on their toes and behind their minions at all times. With an ally, you maybe able to trap the enemy for an unexpected early teamkill. I generally offer to go mid, though if someone else wants it I'll head to another lane.


Dark Binding: This does a small amount of damage and binds the enemy in place for a short time. It will activate on minions. Landing Dark Binding is quite difficult to land early game as most champions won't venture away from their minions, though it is an excellent kiting/escape mechanic and can work wonders when you're attacked within tower range.

Tormented Soil: This will be your bread and butter AoE ability for minions. By rank 3-4, one tormented soil will be enough to kill all of the caster minions. By rank 5, you will absolutely decimate any group of minions. In regards to champions, try using this immediately after landing a Dark Binding.

Black Shield: An excellent tool to help with survivability against some champions. This is especially useful up against Blitzcrank; use it as you see his hand reaching towards you to negate it.

Soul Shackles (Ultimate): This will only work against enemy champions (I didn't realise this for a while and was horrible confused). It will do some initial damge, then four seconds later it will do some extra damage and stun them. I find that early on without much Ability Power, this ability in combination with DB and TS will not be enough to kill a full-health champion that can heal. Don't worry, it will become very powerful later on and excells in team fights.

Skill Order: I usually go:

1. Dark Bindings.
2. Tormented Soil.
3. Tormented Soil.
4. Black Shield.
5. Tormented Soil (by this point you can hopefully farm minions quite effectively).
6. Sould Shackles.
7. Tormented Soil. (minions fear your very presence).
8. Dark Bindings.
9. Tormented Soil (minions run in fear at the sight of you).
10. Dark Bindings.
11. Soul Shackle.
12. Dark Bindings.
13. Dark Bindings.
14-18 Black Shield/Soul Shackle.

In the (likely) event that I've made a mistake in the above list and provided skill ranks at impossible levels, I apologize. In simple terms, I pick up Dark Bindings first, then my priorities are Soul Shackle > Tormented Soil > Dark Bindings > Black Shield (With the exception of a Black Shield at level 4).


My final item set tends to look like this.

1. Rod of Ages.
2. Boots of Swiftness.
3. Mejai's Soulstealer.
4. Zonya's Ring.
5. Frozen Heart.
6. Rylai's Sceptre or Deathfire Grasp.

The above list is what I tend to go with. You may like to use it as a starting point and adjust to suit your playstyle.

I tend to work towards a Rod of Ages as fast as possible. Start with a mana gem, farm to around 1000g then grab a catalyst. From there you'll be able to hang around in your lane almost indefinately. If I'm doing really well in my lane, I may pick up a soulstealer before completing the RoA. If not, I'll finish the rod and work on the boots or the soulstealer, whichever seems best at the time.

Zonya's is a great item not only for the excessive amounts of Ability Power your gain, it works very well with Morgana's ultimate. More on that later. I use the Frozen Heart for a bit of survivability and the cooldown reduction. Rylai's is a bit iffy. I'm not entirely sure if the slow applies to Tormented Soil, I need to experiment a little more. If not, Deathfire Grasp is a sure choice.

Ganking: With my playstyle, I tend to try not to gank for as long as possible. If the opportunity presents itself within my vicinity I will make an attempt, though going to the other side of the map at level 6 is counter-productive to the objective of the game. I feel that I am better off farming for as long as I can. When I have Boots of Swiftness to make it easier to get around, I am more inclined to travel short distances.

Late Game: The reason I tend to avoid going out of my way for ganks is late game. You will absolutely be mowing through minions at around level 10-11 and making an easy 100g/wave with Tormented Soil. This will give you a money/level advantage earlier on. At this point, I start ganking/helping out with ganking. With Morgana, you will also be able to destroy those gigantic minion waves that build up, making you an excellent defender.

Now, I know that my thoughts in regards to Ganking/Late game may be opposed to some. I'd imagine many pro-gamers would disagree. However, for a new player in lower brackets, its a good idea to keep your mind open to the meta game rather than let the pure PvP distract you. If four people on your team have two enemy champs surrounded and you know you can finish off a tower you are pushing, push that tower. It will be of more benefit than walking towards the flashy light only to get the same 100g that you would have made and a couple of stacks on your Soulstealer.

In closing, I would like you to remember that this guide should be treated as suggestions for a new player, from a new player. Adapt this to fit your playstyle or ignore it and go with something else completely (tank Morgana, for example).

I only recently bought Morgana and she is by far the funnest hero for me, well worth the IP. I hope you enjoy her during her trial week, remember to have fun and try your hardest!