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Ashe judgement

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Judgments have always been my favorite part of league lore. So while we wait for official updated on past champions, I thought I would write one for one of the originals. I welcome any constructive criticism and comments.

Ashe, the frost archer
The frost archer bounds up the steps leading to the great hall in long graceful strides, her silver hair billowing behind her. She pauses upon entering the hall. Her eyes narrow as she glances about her surroundings. There is something predatory about her gaze, reminiscent of a bird of prey; however it is accompanied by a demeanor of nobility. She walks forward towards the vast doors, slowly now, and unhooks her massive crystal bow from her back and checks the tautness of the string. The elegant weapon seems to be constructed entirely of enchanted ice, as does the magically self replicating arrows in the ornate quiver.
'The truest opponent lies within'
Her lips part in a small smile and she lays her hand against the door. As she does, a thick layer of frost spreads out across the metal and the temperature in the room suddenly falls. The frozen doors part reveling thick darkness behind.

"We shall see" she says and without further pause steps out of the light.

She finds herself back in the frozen north of Freljord, atop a hill overlooking a soon to be battlefield. She inhales the cold air sharply in surprise, turning as she recognizes the scene from her past.

"Submit yourself, 'Frost archer' to Princess Sejuani and your tribe will be spared annihilation!"

The goading words, amplified by some sort of magic, came from a heavily armored warrior standing apart from a force of hundreds, across a snowy plain. At this, the army of the Winter Claw issues a challenging roar and even from a vast distance Ashe can faintly see her rival sister behind the lines.

"What is your command, Princess?"

The question comes from her second in command, him and the rest of her army waiting for her words, waiting to kill, waiting to die.


She draws an arrow from her quiver and swiftly notches it to her bow.

"I submit to nothing!"

And with that lets the missile fly to the distant target, her aim is sure and true. He barley has time to breath before the arrow connects, hitting him in the center of his neck and as it does shards of ice erupt from the arrow obliterating him and staining the white snow with an explosion of scarlet blood.

"Attack, and let them know who the true leader of this land is!" shouts Ashe

Her archers follow suit and unleash their own deadly volleys towards the now charging enemy in careful precision and efficiency capable only of those who have learnt the bow since childhood. It is not long before the two forces meet in the center like the crashing of two titanic waves. Swords flash, arrows fly, and the death cry's of men fill the air. Unconcerned for her safety, the frost archer herself moves swiftly forward, her deadly stream of arrows never pausing. Her target now is clear in her mind, her sister who would dare challenge her.
As she reaches the front lines five warriors leap at her, their already blood spattered weapons seeking to cut her down. Unperturbed, she notches five arrows to her bow simultaneously and lets loose. Each arrow finds its mark in its victim and ice locks the warriors body's in place, freezing their flesh and blood before the life leaves their screaming forms. Ashe can see her now. Sejuani is also deep in the fray with two twin sabers in her hands as she cuts a bloody swath through Ashe's loyal forces. Her light armor is spattered in gore, but despite that, like the frost archer, she exhibits a terrible beauty. Without hesitation, Ashe fires upon her, but for the first time misses as her arrow is sliced out of the air by the thin blade.
"Why don't you come closer, sister" Sejuani taunts, now heading towards her "I have awaited our reunion for so long, is that anyway to greet me?"

Ashe smiles

"It has been a while" she called back " I had forgotton you're charm, but I think we shall not have time for a proper reunion"

With this, she fires two arrows at her, the first again being blocked but the second hitting her in the abdomen. However, it does little to slow her fast advance, as hate dives the leader of the winter claw forward. Ashe has no time to fire again before the blades are swinging down on her. She blocks with her bow, turning them to the side but a quick lunge from the ground and the blade bites deep into her shoulder. The frost archer jumps back, moving for another shot but discovers her wound has left her arm immobile and bleeding heavily. Her opponent is not faring well either, as she breaths heavily and grasps the arrow still sticking from her.

"I will see your head on the snow, before I see you on the leader to the tribe's!" she spits.

"See reason, sister, unify with me and we can end the wars that have torn apart our land, we can forge a nation of such strength to rival both Noxus and Demacia!"

"Ha, and be your faithful lap dog as you play princess, you don't have the strength to rule. I fight against you for the good of our people, so they would not fall victim, under your rule, to the powers of Valoran. How long before they turn their attention to us in earnest? It has already begun with the barbarians. I shall not wait, like the foolish Ionians. If you surrender to me, I shall let you live to see the power I can bring from Freljord! "

"I will not let your bloodlust ruin the people, you will fail and bring and end to us all. Look, even now around you're army is retreating"

It was true, the winter claw warriors were fighting back to the forest and their camp, and even as they spoke both of the princess guards rushed towards them to protect their leaders. The blood continued to flow from ashes arm, and her vision began to dim. She looked deep into her sisters eyes that stared hatefully back, but as she looked her faced changed from one of pain and anger to something serene. Ashe was suddenly reminded of the days they would play together as children.

"Why do you want to join the league?" Sejuani asked

Her mind still felt blurred from the blood loss and the sudden question confused her. She looked back at summoned up her strength to stand straight as she struggled to answer.

"To unify my tribes, my land and...my family"

"How does it feel, exposing your mind?"

Her head suddenly cleared, as the illusion began to fade from her consciousness.
"Like ice in my heart"

She found herself back in the institute of war, her feet now, not on snow, but marble. She returned her bow to her back, and walked forward out of the room.

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Well done, I approve.

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Great job Shoga, very nice. I think it's such a great idea to have Judgements for the originals, even if it's unofficial. I look forward to read the other Judgements! Good luck.

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Added as requested. Nice work!

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That was pretty epic

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New annie judgment, yay!

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superrrr boss