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Sivir Question.

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Ive been having some issues with survivability. I know this character has to be very mobile. and skill shot aimed perfect to be very effect. and i hit with both send and receive on my rang attack. I'm just having issues on what i would spec into and how i should use runes and what stats i should focus on and what i should avoid. I'm not bad at dealing damage but i can every kite long enough to be effective...

Please help if u can.

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L2P Newb... by reading a guide...
Sivir doesn't need to kite to be effective, her power comes from what she brings to team fights.
You can build her as an aura queen, because she farms effectively enough to get almost every Aura item in the shop (with her ult, that's a massive set of buffs right there, that'll crush enemies in team fights).

She pushes very, very well... as she can reverse the flow of a lane in about half a second and reach the tower in another 10-30 depending on how far back the minions are (and trust me, nothing is more annoying then Sivir taking your Tower when you're stuck in a team fight).

Don't try and Kite people, you've got a built in spell shield (that recharges mana, if used right) and a boomerang that hurts from early game to late (Hardest hitting level 1 skill, other then Judgement I do believe... and this one is ranged). If you're dying a lot, try getting something like Frozen Mallet, or some more life steal (though I prefer having the HP then risking getting hit by a blind and dying quick, but that's personal preference), or maybe a GA (decent Armor and M resist, and a Rez to boot).

I'm sure there's another Sivir out there with better tips, I doubt I've played her enough to know her true strengths (though yes, she is a very, very good pusher)

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Eggtart Chow

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If you find yourself dying a lot try playing more defensively than you have been. If you find yourself focused in a team fight, sit further back than you have been and toss some blades, letting your team mates soak up your auras. Come in for the cleanup with ricochet and keep pushing. As for items, I'll give you my basic support build (I play aura Sivir). Get a meki pendant and two health pots to start and dont go back until you have 350G, then buy a chalice and basic boots. From here start building starks fervor, I prefer to grab recurve bow first in the pre build. After this I usually go frozen heart then guardian angel, but aegis works wonders as well. From here build a bloodthirster, you shouldn't get this far into your build though.

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I play Sivir as my main and do pretty well with her overall. I generally play tend to play her more as a support character than a semi-carry, both of which are roles she excels at. Here's my general build with her:

Level 1: Boomerang Blade
Level 2: Spell Shield
Level 3: Boomerang Blade
Level 4: Ricochet

After that prioritize On the Hunt > Boomerang Blade > Ricochet > Spell Shield.

Getting a level of spell shield at level 2 helps immensely with early game harassment and mana regeneration.

As for runes, I'm currently going with armor pen marks, scaling mana/5 seals, cooldown reduction glyphs, and flat HP quints. I've seen lots of different rune builds for Sivir, but this is what I've found to be most effective.

My general item build goes something like this

  1. Meki Pendant + two health potions to start
  2. Make Meki Pendant into Chalice of Harmony
  3. Emblem of Valour
  4. Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads depending on enemy team
  5. Make Emblem of Valour into Starks
  6. If nobody else on team intends on getting Aegis of the Legion, pick it up, otherwise:
  7. If the enemy team has a lot of magic damage and they're focusing on you mostly in team fights, get a Banshee's Veil, otherwise:
  8. Bloodthirster
  9. Last Whisper

Build order can sometimes be changed slightly depending on your team and the enemy team. Sometimes other boots can be used instead of Ninja Tabi/Merc Treads, but they're the most useful a majority of the time for Sivir. These boots both focus on survivability against physical/magical damage, respectively, and can help immensely with surviving an encounter you'd otherwise get killed by.

This build won't be capable of doing a whole lot of damage at any point in the game. If you want to play Sivir as a semi-carry, you should focus on getting damage sooner than I listed. It's also worth noting that Stark's Fervor isn't really worth getting if you are the only person on your team with significant physical damage (though in that case Sivir's usefulness is severely diminished from the get go).

As for general strategy: Remember that you are not capable of inflicting high burst damage or auto attack damage (comparatively, anyway). You are also fairly squishy, meaning you can be killed rather easily if your spell shield isn't available to absorb a vital attack. Your strengths are in your early game staying power with spell shield, and later pushing and team support.

Early game just try to absorb any harassment in your lane with spell shield, counter harass with boomerang blade when you think you can land hits, and otherwise just try to last hit creeps.

Later on in the game you'll be incredibly reliant on your team to do anything besides push, since Sivir is not a very good ganker. You'll want to support your team with On the Hunt (your ultimate) and Stark's Fervor (possibly Aegis of the Legion too if your other teammates neglected to get it). This combined with the damage you do bring will be a tremendous asset to your team in team battles, which is Sivir's true strength.

I hope this helps you out a bit. If you have any other specific questions I'd be happy to answer them, though it's likely others will get to it sooner. Good luck and I hope you find yourself getting better at Sivir; she can be a really fun champion to play!