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Contribute Time

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Any part here which says "Needs contribution" is something that I cannot figure out. Please help me to think of something. Also any feedback about other abilities and lore would be very much appriciated.

Name: Need contribution. Something like Ugbog would do nice
Job Description: Needs contribution
Description: An ogre who wields a ball and chain

Lore: [Name] used to roam the plains free of ever needing to report to anyone. One day civilization advanced far enough and he was captured. They (idk is is Demacia or Noxus, the ones who own the Kalamanda mines) told him that in order to save his family he needed to work the mines. [Name] worked the mines for many many years until one day he was sent to Noxus/Demacia and questioned about the miner who had the information on the Demacia-Noxus conflict. While he was away the fighting broke out in Kalamanda and the league time locked the area. His family with it. Enraged, [Name] travelled to the institute of war and demanded they fix the problem but they had too many problems to listen. He set about destroying the institute of war despite still being locked in the Demacian/Noxian ball and chain and so one cautious viewer promised him that if he became a champion then the league would do everything they could to save his family.

Passive: Furious Overkill
[Name]'s ogre fortitude allows him to heal from extra damage used on targets. Anytime that [Name] kills a minion or champion, he is healed or a portion of the overkill (hitting a minion for 50 damage then it has 10 health results in 40 overkill). The amount of heal gotten is equal to the amount of fury that [Name] has. 70 fury will mean that [Name] heals for 70% of any and all overkill he achieves.

[Name] gains 5 fury for attacking an enemy, 10 fury for killing a minion and 10 fury for getting overkill over 50 (can be changed)

Ability 1: Ball Throw
[Name] flings his ball out to target location, dealing damage to enemy's in its circle aoe. After a brief delay he pulls the ball back to himself, dealing damage to all enemies hit and leaving behind a field which slows enemies (as in the ball drags along the ground and makes the soil squishy)
HOWEVER if [Name] uses this ability after the ball throw but before he pulls it back, then [Name] is drawn to the ball. This does not leave behind a field. This costs 50 fury.

Ability 2: Needs contribution

Ability 3: Name needs contribution
[Name] swings his ball and chain around his head. Whilst he is he gains bonus attack speed and deals damage to enemies around him. Now idk whether this should be activated for a time or whether it should be a toggle. Perhaps it can slowly drain his fury.

Ability 4: Vengence Rage
[Name] is reminded of his lost family and sends himself into a rage, granting bonus attack damage (possbily attack speed) and making him stun on his attacks. This stun does not work like Udyrs and it stuns every attack. Remember that [Name] has a naturally low attack speed and in order to fully stun they would need an attack speed of 1.5 or higher. Should this cost fury? Should it drain fury? Should it give bonus health?

Thank you in advance for anyone who comments and tries to help

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Please don't think of this as me being lazy and wanting someone else to do the thinking

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