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Shen or Shaco

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I played Shaco for a while but he is getting a little boring, while Shen sounds like a crazy tank from what I'm hearing from friends, and I'm thinking of who should I main, so could you guys give me some feedback and opinions

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Friend of Urf


Who ever you main should obviously fit your play style. I myself cannot play melee for the life of me. Shen being almost completely melee is a great tank, and has some similarities to shaco. In the end, you should probably try to learn several champions before picking your main. If might be someone unexpected that you are really good with. Then when you get really good with several champions, you can pick who you are to better fit your team composition.

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I would say use both. I am at about 230 wins, and my most won with character is shaco at 15 wins. I like to play all of the characters, and it often helps to learn new strategies, and how to do better against the character you are playing. If you like them both play them both!!

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It is funny you say this, because shen and shaco are my two mains. Both are great characters, though I consider Shaco easier to be good with (I'm not saying he is better, just that a new player will probably have an easier time doing well with shaco than with shen). If you want to be mobile and lethal, go with shaco. If you want to be the most loved member of your team, go with shen. Brief pro's and con's of each.

Shared Pro's:
Very mobile
Able to enter an exit combat quickly
Hard to finish off

Shen, pros:
Very hard to kill
Good at protecting teammates
Can teleport across the map
Can heal himself and teammates
Annoying to enemies
Great team player
Good at keeping an opponent from fleeing
Able to stay out in the field for a long time before going back
Able to stay effective even at a level disadvantage

Shen, cons:
Relatively low damage output
Gets twice as many assists as kills
Has trouble working alone
Very poor farmer

Shaco, pro's:
Huge damage output
Great at solo ganking
Able to go invisible
Able to fear enemies
Slows enemies movement and attack

Shaco, con's:
Very low health
Not as supporting for teammates
If you fall behind in level/items, it is impossible to catch back up

So yeah, there you go, basic rundown. They are in no particular order, just listing the traits of each. For more information on Shen, feel free to check out my new and improved Shen guide! Yes, I am shamelessly promoting my own creation. https://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=1172737#post1172737