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[Challenge] Lore for item...Last Whisper

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Darn. looks like I spotted this just a mite too late... I don't think I could write something super good in like, a day and some.

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Well considering only one person has submitted a story it wouldn't really be a contest if it turns out like that I might just close any more entry's and allow those who will write a bit of leeway to finish their respective story

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Congratulations to Berukyorasu! Might do this again but would need more people

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Oh forgot to freak out in happiness, yay!~ ^_^

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I know that the "competition" already ended, but I like doing stories, so here goes!~


BANG BANG BANG, the doors to the league was knocked loudly as the summoners were just resting after a long game. "Now who could that be.....?," one of the summoners questioned as everyone opens the door, to see a wooden bow with a glowing blue aura. Beside it is a magical orb with a note that says "To all who wonders, break the vessel to solve thy mystery"

The summoners were fasinated by this bow's magical aura. It gave a very warm, yet sad kind of feeling to the summoners. After a short discussion, they decided to break the orb. CLING, the summoners broke the orb to pieces, while a blue fog envelopes them.

After the fog clears up, they found out they're in the olden times Ionia, before Noxus invaded them. In front of them was a balcony on a lake, with a master and a disciple sitting there watching the scenary.

One of the summoners came up to them and ask, "Do you know where we are sir?" But to that summoner's surprise, the man stood up and walked through him, as if he was made of air. The summoner quickly runs back to the group and they had a decided that this is nothing more than an image from the past.

Then the summoners was again surrounded by blue fog. After it cleared up, the scenary changed to the master teaching the disciple how to aim with archery.

"Remember Jun, you must concentrate on being one with the bow and arrow. Think of the bow as your body and think of the arrow as your hand. Then when you're ready, release and feel your arrow as it travels in the wind."

"Yes master!," Jun, the little disciple said as he took aim with the bow and shot. Then missed terribly.

"Jun, you need to have patience"

"....Yes master...," Jun said as he tried and tried, but to no avail while the master seem disappointed.

Then the fog appeared again and erased the scene with a new one. Now they see a teen arguing with the more aged master. "You and your chi balance techniques are all jokes! You can't teach at all! I've wasted my time with you ever since I was small but I never achieved at least once with bullseye. Why!? WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME SO MASTER!?"

"Jun! How dare you talk to your master that way"

"Ha! Master!? After being laughed at by all my colleagues, you still have the audacity to call yourself master!?"

"Jun! If you don't take back what you said right now, then you are forever banned from my school!"



"HA! I don't even want to be here!," Jun said as he kicked the door open and left. Leaving the master in tears.

Then the scenary changed to when the Noxus was taking over Ionia. Although the summoners were safe, they still cowered in fear from the sheer numbers of Noxus machines and soldiers. Everywhere in the city was on fire, this included buildings, grasses, lakes and even people. Then they see this many of the villagers got their bows and shoot their deadly arrows at the Noxians, but to no avail.

"Argh! It's impossible to win them!," One man who the summoners recognized as Jun howled as he shot out volley after volley of arrows at the Noxians. But the Zaunite Machines just blocked every single one of them. Then the Zaunite Machines shot out its deadly magic beam at Jun who stood there petrified with fear.

Suddenly, an old man pushed Jun away and took the hit.

".... MASTER!?.... But.... why!?"

"-coughes blood- Jun...... to me, you are like the son that I never had. You are my family..... -cough cough- Even if you hate me, I will always protect you... no matter what....."

"..... Master... no, please, don't talk, I'll take you to Lady Karma, and we can fight with Noxians there!"

"No.... my time is up. ...... I love you Jun.....please.... survive and live strong," the old master coughed his final words, then he lay there on the ground, unmoving.

"MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Jun roared as he cried over his master's death. Then he stood up with determination on his face.

"Don't worry master, I shall avenge you," Jun said as he took aim again with his wooden bow, but this time, the bow glowed with bright blue colours and Jun shot out. The Zaunite machines again stood in front of the soldiers to block it. The summoners thought that it's over for Jun, but to their suprise, Jun's arrow pierced through the machine and to the soldier. The arrow did not stop there, the arrow pierced soldier after machines after soldiers, eliminating one whole line of soldiers.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!," Jun screamed as he shot arrows after arrows of magic, destroying every single Noxians.

The summoners watched in fascination when the blue fog appeared again and took them to the last scenary. Where Jun, now an old man, walks toward the league, puts the orb down with the bow and whispered to it, "With this, I have finished your last will. I hope you shall rest with ease.... master." Then Jun knocked on the door of the league and ran towards the dark alley. The door of the league opened with the summoners themselves there, examining the bow. Jun smiled as he whispered "Farewell master........." Afterwards, Jun walked away and the scenary dissipated like the blue fog, and the summoners was back to where they were.

".... How..... sad.....," One of the summoners said as she wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

"We must let this weapon implemented!," The summoners shouted as they brought the bow inside and asked the lead summoners to accept it.

To this day, when a champion bought this bow, you can faintly hear a whisper saying, "Thank you, Jun......... thank you......"


Well I hope y'all like it, and any critism for the story is welcomed!~ (Also, to clarify again, I know the contest ended, I'm just doing this cause I like writing stories)