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Reasons why matches are lost and what can be done to mediate these factors

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Reasons why matches are lost, and what can be done to mitigate these factors

I'm by far not the most experienced player, but I have played LoL enough to realize several patterns in why matches are lost. I figured I may as well share them and see if it helps anyone out.

-Lack of Co-Operation
Many games are lost because the players on the team do not actually work together as a team.

There could be several reasons why people do not co-operate, but unsuprisingly the biggest reason is because of either trolls or players who naturally cannot co-operate with others (Ex. Arrogance, pride, greed, etc.).

We've all seen it before. A couple of players on the team start bickering over each other about something. They then keep at it, and next thing you know, it's distracting and eventually grows into an intense 'grudge' that prevents co-operation between team members.

If you're not the one in the arguments, try to mediate the situation by simply telling all players involved to stop arguing. What I like to do is to say something like "Stop bickering, work together as a team, not against each other". If someone tries to continue the bickering (Typical childish statements like "Well he/she started it" or "Well I'm not the one who does X&quot, I just repeat what I said until they stop.

If you frequently are involved in these game-breaking arguments, take a step back and realize what you're doing. Try to view the other player's viewpoints. Most importantly, realize it's less important to win a petty internet verbal war. Forget about the argument and just work with your team.

-Bad team composition
This applies mostly to ranked games, but is still applicable to normal ones too. Basically, a team of 4 AD carries and 1 AP carry is not a balanced team composition.

Players need to understand this. If you're guilty of locking in a character instantly, please stop. If you must, pick a character but do not lock in. Wait for others to pick theirs, then adapt to the situation. Fill the missing roles as necessary, and ask politely if others if they can do the same.

In draft mode, if you're picking ahead of others, ask and see if you have their desired character, and if they have yours. If so, you can pick their character and trade later. This is also good for denying popular champions to the enemy team.

The ideal team composition has 2 AD, 2 AP, and 1 tank. This generally will get you through most games. Obviously, things change up considerably from game-to-game but please just try to get a balanced team composition over locking in carry characters.

-Players believe protecting the jungler or invading jungles is a waste of time
I don't understand this, but even at level 30, there are many players who refuse to stick around and defend their side's jungle, or participate in jungle invasions.

For example, in one match, a player refused to leash the Blue golem because it was "a waste of time" and that defending the jungle would cause him to "miss out on experience".

These are horrible arguments. Players need to understand that it is not "a waste of time".

-Remind players that they have more to gain by defending or invading jungles than to simply sit in their lane waiting for minions to spawn. By defending or invading, you have the potential to protect the jungler, prevent/gain first blood, and still have time to return to lanes.
By not participating and simply just waiting in lane for creeps, you risk giving a huge advantage to the enemy.

Why? Not only can they get first blood on someone vulnerable, they can also deny the jungler time, experience, gold, and neutral buffs. This later means an underlevelled jungler who cannot gank as much or as easily, nor afford items (such as WARDS).

Sure, by participating you have the possibility of missing out on 1 or 2 creep kills. Is not participating just for those minions really worth it compared to the advantage the enemy could have by successfully jumping your jungler? This is more than just selfish needs - The whole team benefits from helping out the jungler.

-If an enemy invades, you have your team ready to defend your jungle. At the very least, the team is prepared so the enemy won't be jumping on a single person.

-At high level play, have one player watch the clear upper or lower river entry to Blue Golem, the mid lane player watch the river bushes, one bottom laner with the mid player, and the other player to watch the wraiths.

-Obviously, the above does not happen in most games. If there is only one jungler in the game and he/she is on your side, have the entire team gather in the bushes near the Blue golem as this is where most junglers start. If no one shows up, simply return to lanes - you lost little from doing this. If someone does show up, your team can defend and has the potential to get kills.

If there is an enemy jungler, deciding whether or not to invade depends on team composition. Think of things such as you much CC your team has compared to them at level 1, who has Clairvoyance, summoner spells, etc. Also watch out for Blitzcrank - No other champion has the amazing ability to reposition someone massively at level 1.

Speaking of Clairvoyance...

-Players believe Clairvoyance is a useless spell
I have no idea why some consider it so, but it is not a useless spell. There is a reason why people who play LoL for money always have someone with this spell.

The game is more than direct damage and effects. CV is is amazing spell that can easily give a team the upperhand. From ruining a jungle invasion to preventing ganks to finding out what opponents are up to, it is too good to give up. Ideally, one person should be running this in your team every match.

-Lack of Communication
No one has perfect map awareness. So communicate to team members about what's going on! If you're planning on ganking, tell them about it and always ping before jumping in. If someone's missing, tell everyone else about it.

Humans thrive on social interactions as well, so just simply talking helps keep everyone ready. I'm not saying to spam the chat, but, say if someone asks an appropriate question, feel free to reply when possible.

-Lack of Wards
I cannot stress this enough, but the saying "Wards wins games" is true. So use them!

Everyone on the team should be buying at least one ward per recall. Sure, the jungler is likely to purchase more, but this should not mean laners don't have to. The jungler is mostly to fill areas missed by laners, or to ward areas laners cannot reach (such as Baron/Dragon and jungle areas). Laners generally ward the sides of their lanes, such as the river bushes.

Wards can prevent ganks and can prevent out-of-position ambushes from happening. There's too much of an advantage to be had when you know what your opponents are up to. Wards win games, so use them!

-A player is in severe danger, team rushes in to save them, dies 1 by 1 to enemy team
This is something that happens frequently in nearly all games, and is one of the major reasons why matches are won or lost.

Someone is out of position and is ambushed, but your team is somewhat close by. Everyone rushes in to save the person in danger. However, the focus fire results in this person's death.

Now the rest of your team is out of position and chaos ensues. Meanwhile, the enemy team simply focuses on the next person who comes running in. Your team either A) Continues to fight, despite being outnumbered or B) Realizes this was a bad idea and attempts to flee.

In both outcomes, it is far too late and the damage has been done. Any survivors are outnumbered and won't be able to successfully defend. The attacking team now has an advantage and can either push or clear out neutral monsters, including Dragon/Baron.

This happens in nearly every game and is crucial to success (or defeat).

It's hard to give tips on this as knowing whether to leave someone to die or to rush in to save them depends on so many factors. This is something that comes with experience. The main thing to point out is
-Is the whole enemy team there, and how long will it take for your team to get there?

As mentioned, this is crucial to success as well. Ganking someone isolated gives you a number advantage and this could be all that's needed to seal the deal. Wards help greatly with this.

-Enemy team ganks a lane, pushes into tower before retaliation occurs
Another big thing that happens frequently in most games. Basically, a team ganks "hard" in another lane, then immediately pushes the lane once the gank is successful. This often results in one team having 2 players dead, and a lane being pushed by the other team's 4 players. Meanwhile, the team that got ganked can't do much about this as they are outnumbered and too far away to defend the pushed lane.

This is highly useful for taking out towers very quickly. In the bottom lane especially, this often also leads into an easy Dragon kill after the players take out bottom tower.

To prevent this, use wards and CV of course, as well as being aware where the enemy is. This is a powerful tactic will often does snowball into victory.

-Enemy team suddenly switches lanes and pushes before retaliation occurs (Split push included)
Another successful, although less common tactic. Two lanes are being pushed, with a larger minion wave on the way. The enemy team grabs your teams attention in one lane, then suddenly switches to another lane that is already well on its way with a large minion wave. This sudden switch can catch your team off guard and result in a lot of tower damage, or even a tower loss, before your team can react.

Alternatively, the enemy team keeps your team busy while one or two champions push other lanes without retaliation.

This tactic is also useful if a team notices the other team is recalling players and lack Teleport. With this knowledge, they know they have a number advantage and can push in for tower damage.

To help mitigate this tactic, match each lane with the appropriate amount of players. If there are 4 players pushing bottom lane, have 4 of your own players defending it. Otherwise, you leave yourself vulnerable to a split push or a sudden lane switch.

-Arrogance, pride, greed, etc. overshadows everything else
LoL is a snowball game - if a team gains an advantage and holds onto it, it can eventually escalate to a victory.

What I've noticed in many of my games is that players need to put away their arrogance, pride, greed, etc. If they don't, this frequently gives the enemy team an advantage because of easy kills.

If the enemy team is missing except for one person...chances are it is a trap! So stop charging in there hoping to get a kill unless you know where the others are!

Situations like this also classically lead into the above situation "A player is in severe danger...". Someone is baited, he/she gets into trouble, rest of team rushes in to attempt to save him/her...and you know the rest.

In addition, players need to realize that team benefits are better than individual benefits.
-Do not refuse to purchase wards just because you want to get 'stacked' faster than everyone else.

-Do not continually tower dive players in hopes of getting kills, especially since if repeated, this leads to a snowball effect where each successive dive becomes even less likely to succeed.

-Don't be so greedy over kills. Saving someone is more important than chasing an enemy across the entire map, not to mention this frequently leads to the "A player is in severe danger..." situation.

-Do not act superior to everyone based on a kill/death/assist ratio. It's a team game, not a "Let's compare my numbers to yours so we can troll each other" game.

-If someone is acting arrogant/greedy/prideful/etc., try to talk them into common sense and logic. It's difficult, but the biggest thing to note is to be positive and polite - acting the same way they do does not help matters.

-Blaming people
I've noticed that in the majority of the games, the losing team is always the one with players who are busy blaming each other in all chat.

This goes hand-in-hand with lack of co-operation and negative attributes. Blaming people does not solve anything.

Work together with your team. Players blaming others only results in further destruction of the team, which means less likely to win. Blaming others also is generally just bad for morale, as it often results in arguments and players not wanting to play anymore.

-Trolls (The verbal kind)
No surprise here. Trolls ruin every game. There's little that can be done about a troll who assists the enemy team intentionally, aside from reporting them.

However, 'verbal' trolls as I like to call them, troll not through gameplay but mostly through chat. Perhaps they believe everyone is inferior, or they have some serious problems, but either way, if they're not insulting someone they're busy criticizing harshly about something.

-If it's too distracting, mute the verbal troll. This is now easier than ever as you no longer have to type out a /ignore command - you can just hold tab and click on the ignore button for a desired player.

-If the troll is thrashing on a team member, refer to "lack of co-operation". Attempt to tell everyone to calm down and work together. This won't always work but some verbal trolls are not as severe as others.

-Don't give up! If a player threatens to leave the game because he/she can't stand the troll, tell him/her to stay in the game and not ruin it for everyone else. Beg if you have to. If someone leaves, you're practically guaranteed a loss, whereas if your team works together, you have a chance.

Encourage him/her to mute the troll and use constructive criticism over the troll's excessively negative.

Remember, by giving up you're just making the troll(s) win. They want players to feel annoyed, to feel inferior. By leaving you just tell them they've done a good job.

Story time: I've had a ranked game where someone threatened to leave because a troll on our team was ridiculously negative towards him/her. It took a lot of 'begging' but I managed to get him/her to stay. The funny thing was, we actually did very well once players started working together. If he/she left, things would have been very different.

-Psychological factors
It applies to everything. Being positive, optimistic, and cooperative generally leads to a better life. Similarly, in LoL, this also helps out greatly with matches.

The team needs to be psychologically positive. All the above tips go towards this. Having players that are nice to each other makes them more likely to cooperate and succeed.

Having wards around gives peace of mind as the team knows what the opponents are doing.

I could go on, but you get the picture. The exact opposite occurs when teammates start yelling at each other, when no one knows what the opposing team is up to, etc. Trying to keep up a positive psychological image is difficult but rewarding.

One tip players need to do more often: Just congratulate teammates on good things, and be nice on bad things. Tell team members things like "good job" on a good gank, or "nice try" when things didn't go well. By being the opposite of a troll, the team is more likely to succeed simply because they're not busy destroying each other.

As I mentioned in the "Lack of Communication" section, human beings thrive on social interactions. So giving positive interactions only helps.

Those were a bunch of reasons why I think most matches are lost, and what can be done to help mediate these problems. There may be other reasons but I'm certain these are the biggest ones.

I hoped this has helped.

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Well yes, a valid reason. However, most matches are lost because of players refusing to work together, at least in my experience.

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great insite! as I refect, I must agree.

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This only actually happens in pre-made games with pros...

All other games are typically full of players who are exhibiting one or more of the above issues in their play/conduct.

Getting out-played by one champion is no longer a viable way to win in 90% of games...I've had so many games where I was super fed on a hyper carry just to have my teammates disintegrate in the face of well-coordinated opponents, and the fact that I outplayed my opponent didn't make a single bit of difference.

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Condons guide thou shalt read this motherf@#*!ing thread, is another thing to read you have great points

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There isn't much anyone can do about a team that refuses to cooperate. Personally, I haven't won a single normal game in weeks, no matter how hard I carry... iBad? I sure as hell hope not.

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GON the Mage Guy

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I believe matches are lost because one team has to win, and there's no way to tie.


That aside, good stuff. I agree 100%. Why do people not use wards? They protect you something fierce....

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Pretty sure you mean "what can be done to mitigate them" not mediate...

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I very much agree with all of your points here. That being said, basically every normal game has huge fountains of negativity. I find it tiring after a while to try and be the hey-guys-lets-all-work-together, please-someone-else-buy-a-ward-or-two fellow. I do wish it were sometimes possible to just play the game and not feel like I was filling a part-time job as a camp counselor.

But your advice is indeed very good for anyone who wants to help their team win.