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AoE bug - I hate to say it, but...

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I agree with Riot. The recent thread about supposed video proof is here.

AoE Bug (With Video Proof)

Honestly, I don't see how that's out of range. Have any of you even looked at the actual size of Karthus's Q?

Two attached pictures - one showing off the supposed size of the Q and the second showing the closest minion just out of range. Striking Q right where it is aimed in the second pic does NOT hit the minion. Anything even slightly outside the circle is not hit by the Q.

Riot says a lot of the circles are actually smaller than the striking range of the skill. Not only is Karthus's Q NOT bugged, it's one of the skills with a correct circle!

I honestly thought the bug was real for a while, and my friend who mains Karthus said it seemed larger to him, but after testing there doesn't seem to be a problem.

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the First Q i did was on the edge of the circle then i kept backing it up until it wasnt able to hit any more it was about 15% bigger area then it should be

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that also not out of range?
Also look at the minion that is walking towards the pillar. When the damage is dealt, it is closer than malphite.
My guess at the moment is that its rather a champion hitbox bug than a general AoE bug.

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To be honest, my belief is not even that there is a hit-box bug or aoe range bug. I think all the coding is right but the issue is probably lag or placement miscalculations.

Have you ever played a game where u think you're in a certain place or the opponent is in a certain place but he or u are a bit away from that location. I remember in the past that this has happened before and if u look at that malphite video, malphite's body actually shifts a bit towards the circle without making a motion. You cant make a movement backwards without turning around in lol. ALSO, if the circle is even slightly in contact with the champion or even just a bit outside of it, they will be hurt. Riot did mention that all indicators are smaller and with lag or miscalculated locations you will get this result.

Another thing is if you have predictive movement turned on, you are making this 10X worse. You are receiving data on locations, movements and attacks that haven't happened and are JUST predictions. Most of the time they are correct but you will receive them ahead of time and with some miscalculations so u will see things slightly different and with lag, people will sometimes walk through things without damage, you will take things u thought u dodged, or just start seeing people bouncing around on ur screen since the predictions were inaccurate.

Yes, certain champions are effected but i believe this is more of a lag issue and when one person starts saying something, everyone starts noticing this stuff more. I believe this issue has always existed but due to mass hysteria, everyone thinks it is a bug. It is kinda of awkward for a patch to effect ALL aoe attacks without it being on purpose. This is coding that has been inputted already and not changed.

I have fought orianna's and cassiopia's mid many times before and it still feels the same now but due to hearing all this and even my own hysteria, i thought MY attacks were hitting them in bad places but never my opponents. They still felt the same. It was likely that they were still in a place that i poked before they moved too far. If i poke in a place and it explodes a little sooner to me but a little later to u, it may also look like u dodged it but it may look like i clearly hit u. So miscalculated timing of when the skill was cast is another possibility.

My final opinion is that this is something that we have dealt with before but didn't pay it much mind since it happens. Something else to keep in mind is as more coding is implemented into the game, the more the game will lag and will take longer to process events in which case, by the time u start seeing the attack coming, its probably been activated about .25 seconds sooner so u need to have a more extensive dodge. There can be many variations but if you look at all the information we have, it is more likely that is lag based and is something we've dealt with. Ive been upset about something that i didn't think hit me before this patch came out many times but now we all look at it with such caution and seriousness so we are now thinking its all a massive bug and a conspiracy lol. Like Riot says, I think it is hysteria as well.