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Talon Guide (Items & Skills)

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Ive noticed alot of people wondering how to build talon so im giving them my way of how i build him, if you build a diffrent way the thats great.. i find this however to be the most effective for me.

Skill Order: W,E,Q,W,W, r ,W,Q,W,E, r , Q,E,Q,E, r ,Q,E

some people may wonder... why not max your q then your e, i find the damage amplification to be great. So i try to equally level up both Q & E relativly close to each others rank.

When entering combat, open with your R and try to line it up to where your blades will all hit your target, whether that be in front of them or behind them (based on your position)
Usually i need to act fast, so i typically do this: R+E+W+Q and auto attack away using abilities whenever i can.

Now the fun part, Items

These are my items for talon:

Dorans Shield
Trinity Force
Bf Sword
Infinity Edge
Cloak of agility
Atma's Impaler
Catalyst the protector
Banshee's Veil
Then i replace my Dorans Shield with a Bloodthirster

Now I understand Atma's is sorta dumb, but the bonus hp you get from Banshee's wil give you a little boost in AD but it also increases crit which helps out your IE

Bringing your AD around 350 by late late game. (Bloodthirster unfarmed)
I expect you to get your infinity edge and it will probly be over, if its a regular game.

Runes And Masteries:
For Masteries i build him like any other AD Mana Melee with 21/0/9
For Runes i do early AD runes per level with red armor pen and Might quints for early game damage.

Playing Talon:

Remember, your an Assassin, your job on the team is to disable your enemies carry or best player. If i was VSing a Annie, i would be on that annie 24/7 (no pedo pun intended)

Well that is all i can think of at this time, thankyou for reading my guide on talon. Comment your personal thoughts, your idea's, i would love to hear them.