Can we please get non-IP game modes that allows more than 1 of the same champ?

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It is so frustrating when a new champ is released, you buy it, then hardly get a chance to play that champ because you are competing with 1000's of other people who are all trying to play the same new champ like you are. All day long people just queue dodge and fight with eachother or throw fits, because they can't play the new champ that they just spent a bunch of IP or RP on, it is very annoying.

Could we please get some sort of 'test' game mode that gives no IP and allows several of the same champion to be selected on either team? At least so people can actually play the new champions they buy and get used to them, instead of having to wait days or weeks for the new champ frenzy to die down.

Please consider this, being put in this situation happens far too often and really seems unnecessary.