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Expanded Mind Mastery?

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Expanded Mind in that mastery in the utility tree, second tier, that increases maximum mana by a set percent. But, nobody ever gets it, even on characters like Ryze. I read somewhere that it's because Expanded Mind only increases max mana based on your natural mana, not your bonus mana (e.g. Sapphire Crystal or anything it builds into, runes, etc)

Is this true? Does Expanded Mind increase your max mana based only on your natural mana or does bonus mana count too?

Thanks in advance

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Like Hurricanes

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So I went ahead and checked for you with Ryze at level one.
Without: 305 Mana Crystal: 505 (+200)
With: 320 Mana Crystal: 530 (+210)
So no, it's like it sounds. It's a 5% increase to your total mana, including items.
I suspect the problem isn't with Expanded Mind, but with Awareness being too good to pass up for most champions.

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Nexus Crawler

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They fixed it a few patches again. I believe when they nerfed Strength of Spirit but I would need to read patch notes to be sure. The main reason why people don't get it even on Ryze is that it's just not much of a buff complared to getting 5% Exp.

An example say you get it on Ryze, you get Tear and max it. I think at 18 he has around 2000 mana base, so say about 3,5k mana with Tear. That's still only like 175 mana, and 17.5 damage on his Q.

Nice but not ground breaking. and ultimately less useful than staying even leveled against the other team or maybe even getting a level advantage.

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