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Alkaidus, The Dark Zealot

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Sorry about theard called "champion concep" this is the same thing

Alkaidus, the Dark Zealot


Health-567 (+61 per level)

Mana-324 (+35 per level)

Attack Damage-58 (+3 per level)

Movement speed-324

Armor 21 (+5 per level)

Magic resist-30


Passive-Dark Stab: every 7 attacks Alkaidus will cut a target dealing 45 magic damage + 50 damage at level 6-8 and 11

Soul Pierce: Alkaidus will pierce your targets soul penetrating their armor by 100% and dealing an extra 80 physical damage to the target.

Dark Deception: Alkaidus will create a mirror image of his target dealing 60 damage to the target. And turning the target on your side for 2 seconds. Than your target will explode taking 70 damage and dealing 40 damage to everyone around the target. The mirror Image will fight for ten seconds but then explode dealing 80 damage to everyone around him.

Shadow Anger: Alkaidus will create a huge explosion dealing 90 magic damage to everyone around him. After the explosion Alkaidus will jump to a target gaining 20 damage in a flurry of strikes to the victim though victim cannot fight back for six seconds. Lasts ten seconds

Ultimate-Dark Covenant- Alkaidus calls to the spirits of the Acolytes to surround an area enclosing champions. The Acolytes will slowly walk forward until they reach their target than they will explode dealing 500 magic damage to the victims in the circle thought the victims can break out of the circle by killing one of the Acolytes. Acolytes start at 1500 health.

Description: Purpleish black robe. Jagged sword. Plate flamed shoulder pads dragon plated helmet


Lonia struggles to fight the Acolytes of Shadow Keep. In the Land of Burning Shadow. Alkaidus rules over the dark magic of the Acolytes. Though one day Alkaidus had a message from Vorum the god of Shadow to find and destroy the man called Garen for he poses a dangerous threat. He was one of the Generals of the Lonian army and must be stopped. Alkaidus excepted and his quest begun.

Alkaidus first needed an army. And the only place he knew to go other than take his men on guard was Noxus, Lonias worst enemy he climbed over mountains. Rid through forests. And swam through rivers until Noxus finally came within his grasp. He soon challenged Vladimir, The Crimson Reaper to a duel. He had also made a deal. Since Vladimir is Noxus?s General. If Alkaidus wins he gets Noxus?s Army. If Vladimir wins he takes Alkaidus?s blood. The duel started. And Alkaidus won. He took 300 noxian troops through the mountains until he reached lonia he then besieged the keep. And won but would?ve lost if Lonia didn?t have their armies in different lands. Unfortunately Garen escaped in the burning. Alkaidus joined the League of Legends for one sole purpose. To follow Vorums will

?I will find and put an end to Garen. Even if I die trying!?

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need to work on the damage but cool concept