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Swain - The Dragon Master.

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Imagine swain.

Now Imagine swains bird.

Now Imagine swains bird...is now a dragon.

Now Imagine SWAIN is now a dragon, whenever he ults.

Now imagine the bird lazer is now Dragon breath of doom.

Now imagine the random ball of shiny called torment, is now an epic fireball of DoT.

Now imagine, Giant dragon swain, sending out smaller dragons to rip people up.

Now imagine Riot making this a skin.


You just soiled yourself in excitement didn't you?

EDIT 1: Wow, 250 upvotes! Keep 'em coming guys! (also, would it be at all possible for me to find an enthusiastic artist who is willing to give us a drawing? Everyone knows riot loves drawings!) I have been informed (by multiple people), that this also fits into the lore! Dragon slayer Jarvan IV vs. Dragon Master Swain!

EDIT 2: 300 Up votes! Amazing! I wish I had something to reward you all...I guess a simple <3 will have to do.

EDIT 3: Wow, it seems every time I check, the up votes have gone up by > 50, if it keeps up like this we'll get to 1k in no time!

EDIT 4: 400! Epic wins are here today!


EDIT 6: Well, firstly I'd like to say: Hurrah, 600! Then I'd also like to add: If Surprise Party Fiddles is coming out...Then that means it's possible! All we need is Riot support! And to do that we need two things: A lot of alcohol and a pretty picture.

EDIT 7: 700!!!

EDIT 8: 2 big things 800 Upvotes!!!! And, my now good friend: EddyEduardo has just drawn me a picture, it's a concept...and he says it looks more like a dinosaur, but I think it's fine for an early concept, and certainly better than I could have done.

EDIT 9: Okay, 900, and I've decided to grab some of my favorite quotes from the thread and stick 'em on. Riot likes Quotes...I hope...And now I've decided to take 'em off, too much cluster.

EDIT 10: 1000 up votes!!!!!, as a thank you for all you support I did my best to draw, and have decided what the smaller missiles that will fly off him to kill his enemies when he ults, will look like...It's not great, or very detailed, but it took me a while to do...so be nice.

EDIT 11: We now have a concept by the guy who drew Surprise Party Fiddles!!! MR. D!

EDIT 12: A new picture by Flaming Purple Guy had been made as the dragon form of 'Swains bird'

EDIT 13: BEHOLD! A Red post! Nothing is standing in our way now!

That concept art is pretty badass.

EDIT 14: MOAR FAN ART! Thank you very much Søva.

EDIT 15: We have another epic win of a fan art, this time from AtomicToaster42!

EDIT 16: CrwN Solas brings us another fanart piece of his epic dragon form!

EDIT 17: Okay, well, it seems...we have Syvana... I'm not sure whether to be really happy...or pissed. I'll chose to be indifferent, then happy as I put a whole host of epic new artworks by Ceruse! Glad to hear you're drawing again!

EDIT 18: Another epic fan art by I2EAPEI2, which just happens to be made of win. I don't know how something can be made out of a word, but there it is. Thanks man!

EDIT 19: Well, well, well. That's 5k...we're past the looking glass here people. Lets bring it home. And, hey ho- It's some more delicious fanart! And a great big serving of win to go with it. Eikyuni is a good cook.

Okay guys. We're half way there to 10k. I don't know what happens when we reach that number to be honest, but if I'm right, the universe itself, will collapse and the Dragon Swain universe will take it's place. That...or...well....We might actually get another Red post...both are almost equally as likely.


I know I'm late to reply but this is just...totally awesome!

Now all we need is someone on the design team...or art team... I'm not sure who we need actually...But hopefully we'll be able to get their attention, and even hopefully...er... They might respond!

In other news...6000 UPVOTES!!

EDIT 21: Two Redpost edits in a row...Coincidence?...Perhaps...Still: Hazzah!

Holy guacamole, this is pretty awesome.

Can't believe I missed this.

+1 to this idea.

And we're also nearing 7000!

EDIT 22: I realize this is late, but hey! 7000!! Only 2k more...then we will be high enough to send Vegeta into a psychotic rage.

EDIT 23: The avatar of swain, also known as the Rioter- Escape Plan has commented

Escape Plan:
Good... Gooooood...

If I had to guess, I'd say he thinks it's a good idea. Long story short: RED POST WITH SWAIN AVATAR! HURRAY!

EDIT 24: Hoooollly macaroni. It took me a while to find it (I was behind on foruming) But my goodness, This is one amazing pic, Thanks Mattcom, you have the honor of producing just about the coolest fanart in existence.

...I'm gunna post his deviant art link, he most certainly deserves a little bit of extra attention. http://mattcomgo.deviantart.com/#/d4qf6zs

Also, on his thread ( http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1844148 ), he got a red post which said the following:
Ya this would get me to play swain... I do love my dragons =P

I'm posting it here, cause it's another red post about Dragon Master Swain, and you know...it's related.

EDIT 25: Let it be known that Atomic toaster42, who signs his picture as Asher, is fantastic. He has not only given us ONE awesome pic that brought the thread a lot of attention, but now two: Is amazing. As we reach the 8000 mark, he brings us another awesome piece of art, seriously man, awesome.

EDIT 26: Hey! 8000! Huzzah!


I'll chip in with an extremely late +1.

EDIT 28: And as we near that all important number, Neonir returns to find MORE RED POSTS!

I have been right in my prediction of soiling in excitement with many, and it appears it was correct for Reds too!


Escape Plan also made a reappearance! Much to the delight of this highly enthusiastic forumer.

EDIT 9001: ...Hey cool, we just rose above a certain number...Oh yes. That one.

Neonir: Community! What does the scanner say about the dragon level?!

Community: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!

EDIT 9002: ...So, I just got home and think "Oh hey! Would you look at that! We're over 9000!" ..I then skip to the last page and think "Oh hey! A Red post! That's fantastic!" ...I then found out we now have 16. We more than doubled how many we had.

This is the best afternoon forum visit EVER!

I'm not going to quote each of them, but each Red has to be quoted once!

Princess Aura:
I love dragons. I approve. Every champion should be a dragon.*

*this is why I'm not on the design team.

I am probably the biggest advocate for Dragons that you could find. You could even say that getting more Dragons in to League of Legends embodies the entirety of my Secret Agenda™

This concept is totally a step in the right direction, but I have one point of contention: How could one be a master over Dragons? IMPOSSIBLE.

Edit: Capitalizing the word Dragon to better reflect their greatness.

I approve. I want to shoot more dragons.

EDIT 9003: You know how I said "This is the best afternoon forum visit EVER!"? Yeah, it is even more correct now than before. Ocelot54 it seems is amazing and wonderful and has created another amazing piece of art which has now convinced me: We have the most amazing creative skillful people in the whole community.

Bloody hell...all this in one day...You people are amazing.


MOTHER OF PEARL! This is amazing! I love Swain already but this takes him to a whole new level of awesome! +1!!!

This thread is being watched by... THE BRAVO RAY.

Also, we have a bit of a conspiracy theory going on, if you wanna check it out, go to page 661 or so and just read 'till about 663?

I like conspiracies

EDIT 9005: We now have 10000 supporters. You will find that is a large number.

In fact, approximately 10000 years ago, a new invention was the idea of "Farming". That was the birth time of Hipster farmers, farming before it was cool and mainstream. It was also the same time we domesticated cats, which eventually gave birth to lol cats, which are part of the internet, and LoL uses the internet as well.

Clearly, we can use these 10000 upvotes to kill the first domesticated cats, stop lol cats hogging all the internets and then this skin will be made.

...Yes, I can see all the things wrong with that. All of them.

EDIT 9006: Well, Unfortunately guys, it's over, Grand admiral Swain seems to be existing which unfortunately means dragon master Swain will not for a very long time. It was good idea with awesomely amazing support from you guys, but apparently that wasn't enough.

Anyways, thanks for the support guys, it's been great.

EDIT 9007: ...Someone said this idea was worse than the one that was made, that the work these artists have done isn't enough. Someone said that they were glad this wasn't made. Man, screw those guys. I'll make this skin happen out of godaamn SPITE if I have to.

TL;DR : Neonir had people troll him, and has come back raging. Hey guys.

EDIT 9008: Hooooo Nelly, was that a lotta stuff I just went through, the upshot however, is that I have returned, and oh, hey look, some more fanart by one of my favourite people on the net, AtomicToaster42 also known as Asher!!

Also, We have The Bravo ray bumping : D

Also, our new goal is not just to have it made, but for a Pulse fire Ez level skin. Lets get some overkill happening!

EDIT 9009: Okay, I'd just like to, for a moment, give some serious credit to our artists. Seriously guys, this art. Is. AMAZING. The detail in it is just ridiculous, and I was just looking over each of them again, and good lord. Seriously guys, they're just plain downright awesome.

EDIT 9010: What the...What the hell..WHY WONT THE PICS COME UP!?

Okay, this, annoys me.

EDIT 9011: Oh hell freakin' yes!

Pictures are back up at last!

EDIT 9012: So.

This thread is a year old now.

This thread is has more than nine thousand posts now.

This thread has more than twelve thousand upvotes now.

This thread is completely 100% overdue for creation now.


EDIT 9013:
As some of you may have heard in the news.

Hell has frozen over.

Pigs now fly through the skies like porky jets.

The pope has resigned and turned to satanism (Okay, that's actually half true)

Aliens have arrived and offered to us, the secret to immortality.

And more importantly than any of that..

Dragon Master Swain (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=34582730#34582730), has been confirmed.

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Yes. Yes I did.

EDIT: Evidently I saw this first.

I TOTALLY thought this was cool before it was cool to think this is cool.

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Mind = blown.

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Bahamut Zero x



We need this... now

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Riot's treasury is now full of diamonds.

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I want it.

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Bahamut Zero x:
We need this... now

We needed this when he came out, we just hadn't caught up with it's epicness yet.

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Jenny Wakemen

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And nevermove, instead of raven claws, can be dragon heads. Or something.
E: (7/feb/12) Oh lorde. This got popular. Wish I had posted a better suggestion ~_~

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And nevermove, instead of raven claws, can be dragon heads. Or something.

I couldn't think of anything more epic than just dragon claws for that one, which would be somewhat similar to the norm.

Although, the symbol would be orange instead of purple.