'Unknown Error' - Unplayable.

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Okay.. so i'm at my breaking point and think this needs to be seen by more people. After doing some google on the issue I've seen up to week old threads across NA/EUW/EUNE about this issue with no solution or Riot response.

The problem: http://i.imgur.com/fLWBM4N.png (taken off of a reddit thread someone else made)

This has been happening to me and a friend I play with for a day and a half now. Happened only after we started playing our first few ranked games and tried to view our profiles. While this error is happening you can't load profiles or it pops up and you have to spam don't send/send to get it to go away. And i'm almost certain it's not actually sending anything..

Have to close the client in task manager as it becomes non-responsive. From there it's a coin flip if the error doesn't pop-up upon login or just after login.

Things I've tried to fix the issue:
Complete reinstall
Deleting c:/riotgames/leagueoflegends/rads/projects/lol_launcher and reloading client
Updated Adobe Air
Made sure league was 'allowed'
Ran league as admin
Turned off anti-spyware programs
Deleted anti-spyware programs
Turned off firewall
Deleted Pando Media Booster

Nothing has changed, still happens very frequently. Sometimes at login screen, sometimes at profile page, sometimes at shop. Has resulted in me and a friend having to dodge a ranked placement match once each because when it decides to happen, even in champ select, the lobby just freezes and there's nothing you can do but sit and watch. I was excited for S3/ranked gameplay under the new system but this is just sad..

Anyone else with this issue find a permanent fix yet that's not on my list of have-trieds? About to just give up on trying to play until it's safe. If anyone at Riot sees this a response would be appreciated, I'll do anything possible to help give you more information on this error so hopefully me and the seeming minority that is going through this can happily play again.

TL;DR - Unknown error bug is making it impossible to play and won't go away even after attempting 10 different fixes, riot pls.

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I just started getting this randomly as well. I also can't do anything in champ select (and it takes forever just to get into queue), so I've just dodged each time (no penalty though). Don't know what the deal is.

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Hey guys, GunXBlade here to save the day again!
(Well.. Hopefully for you like I've helped my buds from this problem! (: )

What I had to do for myself and 2 others.

1.Launch the game, try your user/pass as you normally would.
1b. Once you get the error problem, close the program.
2. Go to riot games folder under your "C' drive or wherever you have it saved
3. Launch the "lol.launcher.admin"
4. Type in your username but a WRONG password
5. Close the incorrect password message
6. Log in
7. Blow up the nexus