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Riot always miss things when they buff...

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Soraka has always been a pain to AP Carry if she took the solo lane (assume it's a semi-troll game). Sure, she's semi-useless, she won't be able to farm, she won't do much later, but she is/was godly in terms of harassing/zoning out AP Carries. This simple fact was overlooked when she was remade into a "battlemage." My friends and I play solo mid Soraka before she was buffed when we ran 5's and wanted to just have fun, and while she couldn't end up with the craziest farm, if the enemy was an AP Carry, chances are he couldn't do **** against Soraka.

Her silence destroys the lane. And where she wasn't "godly" against AP Carries in a lane before, she just got it last patch.

This is the same thing that happened to Annie when you buffed her initially. You gave her a very good late-game but refused to see that her early-game was already godly and the only reason why she wasn't picked more often was before she fell off really quickly. That didn't mean she wasn't a QRWQ rape-face champ at level 6 - she always was.

Now the question is, how many patches is it going to take you to realize this?