Ok thats it!!!!!

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First off my issue is that i just Finished playing a ranked game and After it said i was up for Promotion "Yay! right?" but now im looking at my League and it says Up For Promotion and i have LOST MY 1ST GAME i never played my 1st promotion game!!!!!! My last 2 Games in Ranked are wins so how in the HELL DID I LOSE ONE!!!!!

now to any other thing i wanna get off my chest i was promoted a week or two ago from Bronze V to Bronze IV and i dont understand how i can win 2 games get 4 points each win and lose 1 game and lose 14 points now im in the negative and i go to play another game and it's Trolltastic an afk and feeder are in my bot lane so i lose no big deal it happens ill just win some more and get back where i was but then i get a message that says "you have been demoted to Bronze V" after 2 losses in a row i got demoted back to where i was... i dont play league everyday i work alot and the time i have off League is my vice i love it but this new system is broken on how you generate and lose points i cannot take it when last season my elo was 1565 and now im in Bronze V and stuck there.