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My Ideas to Improve the game a little bit

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What i would like to see in the future for weekly free champion / champion testing, because the current system sucks more than a french hook.... you get the idea.... is have the "Summoner" select the champions they get free for the week. There are ways this could go wrong, and i happen to have a solution for the main problem that i can see, im not a dev, so i dont know if any other problems would become apparent to someone actually doing the coding for the game.

Before the flaming and "hurrdurr your an idiot" posts please read this post in full, it will be long, but stick with me here. Please know, that these are just general ideas, and that i greatly appreciate constructive criticism, if you feel you can make this idea better, Add it in in a post.

Firstly, do a simple selection: First time summoners log on on X (lets just say tuesday of every week for ease of understanding) day of the week, they get a page that pops up and allows them to select the free champions that they get for the week.

First cons of this idea that came to mind "Well why would they allow us to do that? we could just use the same free champions every week, and never have to buy them"

First fix that came to mind, is make cooldowns on each individual champion for each summoner, for say, 3 weeks, so, if you pick Gangplank as a f2p for week one, you wouldn't be able to choose him again as a f2p champ till week 5. With a total of 82 champions so far, it would be easy to try out many, if not all in a relitivly short ammount of time (9 weeks, with the remaider of 1 champion) to test every champion.

Second off. Another way of doing it, set up a tutorial style thingy. idk what to call it really. Like the one with Ashe when you first start the game. (minus all the training bull ofc), single lane, 3v3, or 5v5 (vs all bots (with the ability to choose skill level), with a team of bots and one slot for the summoner) and allow the summoner to select ANY champion for a tester run. With these tester runs, you get no xp or ip. it is simply just to test the champion, or test new builds.

Third. for leavers, I think that the ip/xp should be boosted x2 for a team that wins with a leaver on it, It is hard as hell (in 3s) to 2v3, and i think there should be extra rewards for doing so. And i think the same should go for 5s, with 2 leavers (so 3v5). It does not happen very often, and i think it would be a nice little boost to morale if this were implemented.

fourth. Extend the range on sight wards about 10 - 20 units. it cannot cover the middle section of the map in most parts on 5s. and in 3s it doesnt cover the red buff area enough, it is rather easy to hug top wall and dodge the sight wards. If this is not an option, make a sight ward that costs double the money (so 150 instead of 75) that has a slightly increased Line of Sight.

Fifth. This is just a hope, and not really a development thing. BUY MORE SERVER SPACE. 20 - 45 minute que times suck.