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The new layout - discuss your thoughts.

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Junior Member


I personally don't like it. It may be because I don't like change that much, but there are a few things I'm completely unhappy with. I'm confused as to why they changed it in the first place, there was no problems with it before.

For one, the stats page. It's an eyesore. It's way too crowded for those of us who are a bit short sighted, it takes me about 5 times longer to get the information I need when I look at it, whereas it used to take me less than 5 seconds to get any information I need. What was the purpose of this?

Two, the post game page. Again, no reason to change it, it was perfect the way it was and now it's jumbled and confusing.

Three, the in game function when a player is killed and a little image appears on the right side of the page, to thoroughly show us who killed who. Because the announcement of "An ALLY/ENEMY has been slain!" And the big banner in the middle of the screen wasn't enough already.

I think a lot has been put into these changes when they need to work on the things that are constantly being complained about on the support forum - Lag spikes, bugs, errors, launchers not working, connection problems, things that prevent players from being able to have a good game. Nobody really gave half a *beep* about the layout before.

Just my thoughts, feel free to share yours, positive or negative.

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Well personally for me I find it easy to understand and don't mind the new layout also Gaychael come back