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Talon, the Smooth Criminal(Skin Suggestion)

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Yeah, can't think of a better title so anyway. After seeing Talons spotlight, his dance took me by surprise. etc etc. I was thinking of a Michael Jackson Skin for Talon, as a tribute to the king of pop. It could be a legendary skin or just a skin with particle edits like frost fire Annie.
Talon would be wearing a white suit with a fedora Michael Jackson wore. Talon's blades would be replaced with a white glove. (or something else idk)

Talons Q Noxian Diplomacy , I really have no idea how to change this to fit the theme of the skin.

Talons W Rake, Would be his famous hat throw and comes right back like a boomerang. Similar to the Michael Jackson's Moonwalker game, if anyone played it.

Talons E Cutthroat , would be Talon speed fully moon walking to his target.

and Talons R Shadow Assault , as Talon enters stealth, Disco balls would fly out and surround the area.

Don't know what i was thinking but i think it would be perfect, sorry for any grammar errors.

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I agree please riot enable the moonwalker talon skin on na