@Riot & Community: Thanks for making this game great

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I've only been playing for a few months now, and I still haven't made it to 30 (still 28), but the sheer amount of enthusiasm put out by the community here, and on mobafire have taught me alot about the game and have made playing it a blast.

This enthusiasm and generally great experience is brought out to us newbies within the community by Riot, who does a great job in this with the summoners showcase, and their constant presence in the forums and in offline events. The fact that Rioters themselves are on camera routinely, playing games gives this game a more close knit feel than huge games made by companies like blizzard.

This thread might get trolled, but none the less i think the Rioters and the rest of the community who make this game great deserve a collective thank you.

Thank You

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