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Alistar - Headbutt into pulverise w/ ~200ms latency

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You would blow flash because as he said: You can throw an enemy for your team.

If you go AP you want do DMG the enemy, not make your teammates life easier.

And while ontopic:

I have 200 ping myself and hit 99% of the time W+Q combo.
You just can't hope to get it if you cast it from max range while chasing.
Cuz even if you Q properly, it will hit while you should be not where you are(that makes any sense?)

What I mean is: You W at max range, the target walks away, but still you Wed him and you headbutt him. But since it was at max range, and you pressed Q after W'ing at max range, the Q will land/hit the previously spot(the range where youshould have landed if the target was still).

So always try to get them inside your total range, not on the edge.

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I'm on Australian ping, around 230-240 most of the time (WA) and I play Alistar a lot.
I can land the combo almost 100% of the time. I don't find the ping to ever be a problem. Another Aussie I play with (who has less ping than me) cannot ever land it, and seems to think it's ping related.

I always smart cast it. Hold shift on the enemy, and making sure you're within Headbutt range, roll W, Q, in quick succession.

Is it the smart cast thing? Or is it judging headbutt range?

It's a very valuable combo to practice and get really skilled at. I've been running Cait/Ali bot lane with a friend for a few months (before all this Cait hype) and it was just brutal. I can only see this combo becoming more popular with the support nerf.

Hope you sort something out to make it possible!

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So as soon as you hit your 'W' you press 'Q'.
My ping is 186 today, and i just managed to go 12/12 combo's.

I am going to say it isn't your smart casting, i got it to work with smart casting but i didn't like not having the range indicator.

If you don't do it instantly you can't use your 'Q', the client seems to lock other spells for the first 0.3 seconds during headbutt animation. so instantly using it before it locks me out is the fix
I swear i tried to do that, but anyway.

Thank you for all the tips, lets hope i can keep it up