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LoL causing PC crashes.

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Well, the new client is what I think really killed my computer. I'm not exactly a computer expert but I have a fair amount of computer knowledge.

Please see my dxdiag first so you know what kind of rig I'm running on. Wall of text inc. (Btw, my computer is now on SP2 but I can't change the attachment, just updated due to the reformat)

Now last wednesday my computer was fine while I was playing WoW. I already had the new client on my computer and was playing WoW absolutely fine. At about midnight a few buddies were on so I went to play a game of LoL to try out the new heroes. Right about the time I hit level 6 or 7 I got a random color screen on my monitor (I think it was purple but have been getting different color screens every time). I thought it was just my graphics card overheating so I went and updated my drivers. After doing that I went on WoW and boom, my computer went down again. So I rolled back my drivers and made sure my windows was updated (which it was). I took compressed air and cleaned my computer from top to bottom, graphics card was a little dusty but not enough to clog the fan or anything along those lines. My next instinct was that maybe I picked up a virus (which I have't done in 5? years) so I ran my ad-aware and avast! antivirus, which both picked up nothing. So I searched for solutions for a couple of days, and 2 days ago I said whatever and re-formmated my hard drive. Well, I reinstalled everything and played WoW without a crash for I'd say 5 hours (which I hadn't been able to do due to all the crashing). At about 8 PM I thought that my computer problems were over so I reinstalled LoL again and once again when I hit level 6 or 7 my computer crashed again. My WoW starting crashing again too, so I re-formated my hard drive again because my only explanation and last theory of my PC troubles is that LoL is causing this. I already pre-ordered the game and love it to death but obviously I'm not going to play or reinstall it until I am 100% positive that their is a fix and my PC won't crash.