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[Champion Suggestion] Garol, The Pride of Noxus

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Garol, The Pride of Noxus

Concept: Garol is a bruiser that can take a lot of damage and still dish some out. He is a positional champion who?s abilities will be better at different times during a team fight. He uses mana and is best built using standard tank items, however unlike most tanks he will benefit from having attack speed.

Lore: As a boy Garol was raised on the mean streets of Noxus. While his family was poor, his father would never surrender and never forget that honor was the most important thing to a true Noxian. As time passed Garol was drafted, as all young men are, into the Noxian armed forces. During his training he impressed his commanders with his veil, determination and sense of honor, three things often unseen by Noxian Soldiers. Upon completion of basic training Swain, seeing an opportunity, took Garol under his command and placed him at the head of a battalion. While under his command Garol?s forces never left a man behind, Garol himself often diving back in again and again to secure the safety of his men. This lasted until the day his forces encountered the Dauntless Vanguard, when Garol met Garen in single combat, only to have Garen slay one of his most trusted lieutenants with a powerful strike. Garol withdrew from the battlefield stricken with grief, until he was offered a change to avenge his ally?s death, as a champion on the Fields of Justice.

Duty Unto Death: Garol?s heath regeneration is increased by .5% for each 1% of health he is missing. Additionally when he dies he becomes impassible terrain until he respawns.

Beat Back: Cost 75/85/95/105/110 mana. Garol?s attacks will knock all enemies in a cone in front of him back 100 units and increase his movement speed by 5% for 2/3/4/5/6 seconds. This ability resets Garol?s autoattack timer. 15 second cooldown.

Phalinx: Cost 140/130/120/110/100 mana. Garol removes all crowd control effects from himself and dashes to a target ally within 750 units. The ally gains Garol?s bonus armor and magic resist and enemies who are moved through suffer magic damage equal to Garol?s bonus armor and magic resist. 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown.

Ricochet Slam: Costs 100 mana. Garol tosses his shield in a straight line up to 1000 units, stopping when it reaches terrain and rebounding it back to him. Enemies in this arch take 65/80/95/110/150(+.5) damage on the way out and 80/95/110/150/200(+.6) damage on the way back. If the shield fails to strike terrain the cooldown is increased by 2 seconds. If it strikes terrain and a champion Garol is refunded 50 mana. 8 second cooldown.

Be Behind Me!: No Cost. For 20 seconds all allied champions who in a 180 degree arch behind Garol and within 750 range gain 25/37/50% of Garol?s Health Regeneration, bonus armor, and bonus magic resist. Additionally Garol gains 3/5/7% damage reduction for each allied champion in this area. 60second cooldown.

Garen will pay for his crimes.

On it
Always forward
I?ll get them all out

Bring them death!
I shall see to it

Using Be Behind Me!:
For Noxus!

I?ll hold them here, get back.

There he is, I hope you all enjoy him, rate and review.

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i have an idea as well, only thing i dont have for this champion is a good storyline
i dont have specific numbers for damage and whatnot like you have but i figured riot can do that part for the balancing issues

Alir, the nexus spawn!

he will be a spell caster but a mellee attacker,

Passive - gains bonus mana per lvl and bonus mana regen per level and icnreases hp by 1 or 2 per kill (and minions)

Q spell - launches a small sphere of dark magic to his target, slowing them and doing damage over time (its Line of Sight spell so it can be intercepted by minions and whatnot)

W spell - increases movement spell and ability power by 10% for 6 seconds

E spell - summons two small circle runes that soon explode the area with magical damage (like brands AoE spell pillar, but smaller and two of them,, spaced out of course)

R spell - casts a blast of energy onto targeted champion, dealing damage and leaving a DoT on them lasting for 6 seconds, all damage done to target while the DoT is in tact is increased by 15% (only dmg from Alir)

Taunt - You're no match for me! or Let's see what you can do! or Give me your best shot you worm!

on movement - Lets hurry, Time is short, here i come, time for destruction!

on attacks - Take this! and i deliver pain! and This is no place for you!

when using ultimate - you shall no longer exist ! or I have you now !

my idea isnt as well put as yours but i think its worthy nonetheless, i even have a picture of him drawn out that is pretty good to be honest

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any comments?

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Why are you posting your champ idea in someone else's champ thread?

Innate: Thats pretty cool. Can his dead body block skill shots? That would be great.

Beatback - 100 knockback range is barely noticible at all, i suggest making it 200 knockback range

Phalanx - interesting move, damage based on tankiness, and supports an alli in the process, i like it

Ricochet slam - why different damage on the 2 hits? Very cool concept though.

Ult - the idea is good but I don't know how well it would work in game the whole directional portion of it. The enemy could just move slightly, forcing you to turn and your allies would either have to move or not get the buff

Overall I think hes a great champ, but his ult needs a slight adjustment.

Mind taking a look at my champ? http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1117919

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White Lava



I actually like the look of a lot of these abilities. They seem interesting, unique, and give the champion a niche that allow him to preform his role well.

The only crit I currently have is work on the names for some of the abilities.

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first off i have to do something.....
*grabs shotgun and shoots random qquestion marks*
now that i can understand it.....RATE TIME!
Innate- so he becomes a statue when he dies.....like wukong only he cant be passed through. the regen is cool i think.
Q- it goes up by 10 but last goes up by 5. the idea is unique
W- cool protect ability.
E- its a neat concept
R-OP!!!! lol, not rly. its actually balance since it only affetcs behind. the name however sucks.
All you gotta do is change names. also for Banthallas.........

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i was posting my idea here because i didnt think anyone would actually mind, i figured why search ten different threads when u can read about multiple champs in one? lol