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@Riot: Runes

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Because you start at lvl3 and level up much faster in dominion, i think x per level runes will be much more useful than flat runes. So i'm planning to make an entirely new rune page for dominion, completely filled with per level runes. Are you guys going to make any changes, buffs or nerfs for the currently existing runes, because i don't want to waste my ip for runes that turn out badly when dominion gets released
pls excuse my grammar or spelling mistakes, because english is not my first language(i live near cologne :P)
Before some people will come and say:"The games also last shorter." Compare Marks of Intellect(+5.91 flat mana) and Marks of Knowledge(1.17 mana per lvl, 21.06 at lvl18 and 5.85 at lvl5), that's just an example, i'm not considering to buy mana runes, hell no . In the dominion youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jkSaUaqeFU you can see that Annie hits lvl6 between the 3rd and 4th min mark without much laning at all and it also seems that the last 5-10min are way more important than the early game.