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The legend of Tryndamere(for riot)

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Tryndamere awoke with a start. The wind was blowing savagely around his thatched hut. He got up, and groaned. For the first time in his life he realised that he wasn’t as young as he once was. Tryndamere started towards the door and blinked, there was a soft yellow glow in the distance. Tryndamere frowned it was at least four in the morning, he checked the position of the stars in the night sky to confirm his thoughts. But suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by a sound. He swung his head back towards the yellow glow, but staggered back. The glow had grown, not by much but big enough to be noticeable. He heard the sound again but it was more definable now. It sounded like thousands of small feet walking and running across open land. Then a thought came to
him and it filled him with dread he cast his gaze across his village, for many years it had been a
refuge, but now it looked as helpless as a new-born child. Tryndamere turned to face the ever growing yellow glow. It was so bright now that other villages were coming out of their houses. “ it seems” Tryndamere said softly to himself “ that the armies of Noxus are again on the move”.

The next morning Tryndamere’s fears were confirmed. While he was down in the market a puffed and harried looking messenger ran up to him and stopped . gasping for breath “ chief Tryndamere” he rasped “ I... I bring important news from the wes..” but got no further for with cough and a splutter he collapsed onto the moist ground. Tryndamere crouched down on the ground were the man had fainted “ Hmmm” Tryndamere said “ this man came from the tribe two leagues away he rolled the man over into a more comfortable position. When he finished he gasped, there protruding from the man’s leg was the broken shaft of an arrow. Tryndamere got up quickly, and then using his booming voice yelled “ GET THIS MAN TO A HUT, HE IS WOUNDED” . quickly several men picked up the messenger and carried him to a nearby hut to treat his wounds . Tryndamere then called to one of his own messengers. While the messenger scrambled up to him he scrawled onto a piece of parchment “I Tryndamere bring grave news from the west, I call a meeting in the great hall of the plains.” This he gave to the messenger and said to him “ I want you to take this message to all the chiefs on your way to the great hall and inform deliver this parchment to him” he was about to send the messenger on his way but on an impulse quickly added “ and make sure he sends other messengers to all the other chiefs” the messenger looked up at him with a startled expression on his face Tryndamere understood why, the last time there had been a tribal gathering with every chief it had been in a time of war and with a grim thought he realised that the time of war had come again.

Tryndamere arrived at the great hall 5 days later with 150 of his bravest warriors. Along the way he was joined by other chieftains and their warriors. Every were the messenger had preceded them the tribes were mustering their forces. They were joined by no less than 1000 more warriors. When finally they arrived at the hall they met a sight. 10,000 soldiers were camped outside a truly immense building” the great hall of the plains” said Tryndamere softly “ in all its splendour and beauty” Tryndamere led the precession down into the midst of the camp. His men and those of the other chiefs also split off to find a spot to set up their own tents. Tryndamere however marched strait towards the main hall he knew that his presence was required there. It was he after all that had called this immense meeting together. As he burst through the great oaken double doors the sounds of many people talking. He recognised many of them immediately but as he swept his gaze over the table he saw a few empty chairs. He had not known the owners of those chairs very well but what he did know was that they had come from further to the west of his tribe. And with blood boiling feeling he realised that their tribes had already been overrun and slaughter . Tryndamere took up his place near the head of the table. And soon as the last of the chiefs took up their own places, a booming voice echoed around the room. All heads turned towards the head of the table and there sat on top of a rough pine chair, with a bear skin slung over his massive shoulders sat Gragnas the barbarian king.

In his booming voice Gragnas called “ may Tryndamere stand” and as Tryndamere stood all eyes came to rest on him. “ please” said Gragnas in softer tones “ why have you called us all hear today” “ I fear” said Tryndamere “ that the armies of Noxus are again on the move” this statement was met with many chokes and coughs but none more pronounced than by Gragnas “ what!” he spluttered “ they cannot come through here, this is our land” “ it is” said Tryndamere in calm tones “ it is, but they want our land” “ Hmmm” murmured Gragnas “ I do have someone here who may give us an insight to this accusation” “ fetch the wuju blades man” but there was no need for out of the shadows stepped Master Yi the wuju blades man.

“master Yi” exclaimed Tryndamere “ what a ... uh pleasant surprise” he said uneasily “ I doubt you think any part of me is pleasant Tryndamere” said master Yi “ never the less I will help you to defeat these invaders” “ I have seen this army at work” said master Yi but as he spoke next he cast his gaze towards the floor “ they destroyed it” he muttered darkly “ using a new chemical invented by Singed the mad chemist” there wear little droplets of water trickling down the warriors face. Tears Tryndamere thought, only weaklings cried but he banished the thought this man had witnessed the destruction of his village. A vision flashed across his mind he saw his village burning, screaming people ran away from torrents of Noxians. He shuddered “ i understand” Tryndamere said “no you don’t” said master Yi “ you will never understand, but i will help you wipe out this menace”.

Preparations for the upcoming war began almost immediately. Weapons were distributed around the troops and within 5days they were gathered over the slopes of the border valley between the plains and Noxus. Opposite them the vast army of Noxus sat like a hungry beast ready to devour the comparatively small force that faced it. A single messenger was sent out to the front lines of the Noxus army bearing the white flag. Tryndamere watched the messengers progress closely but a small movement in the Noxian lines caught his eye. He recognised the movement as a bow being drawn back and before it happened he what it would be. He tracked the arrows path of flight through the air and winced as it sunk into the messenger the man collapsed onto the ground the arrow sticking out of his chest. Cries of outrage came from the ranks of the barbarians. “ CHARGE” came a cry from Gragnas, Tryndamere looked on as the first wave of troops surged towards the enemy lines.

On the other side of the valley the Noxian high commander smirked . the barbarians thought that they would be able to make peaceful negotiations. He gave the signal for his hidden archer to fire, and as Tryndamere was doing right at that moment he followed the arrows flight path through the air and sink into the messenger. This triggered a reaction among the lines of the plainsmen. They were enraged most defiantly but there was also something else he sensed that they were sad, sad about their lost comrade and with a spike of guilt he realised he had ordered the death of an innocent man, a friend and most defiantly a father. But he cast the thought aside with a feeling of disgust, he had killed thousands of men in his lifetime but why would killing this man make him feel bad. But his thoughts were interrupted by a blood chilling yell “ CHARGE”. This did not unduly surprise him these men were said to be stupid and ignorant but again the site of the sad men on the opposing ranks played again in his mind’s eye. “ uughh” he said as he shook his head” fire the chemical” he said.

Tryndamere saw, simultaneously a row of heavy catapults trundle slowly over the hill. In the buckets of these monstrous contraptions was a large capsule filled with sludgy green liquid. “ it is the chemical” Tryndamere heard master Yi whisper. He looked towards Tryndamere “those men are doomed” he said blankly. Tryndamere swung his head around so fast he heard his neck crack, “ RETREAT” he bellowed at the charging men. The men were staggered by their commanders voice but their rage was to great and they continued to charge “ no” Tryndamere said to himself. The catapults launched all at the same time. And a rain of liquid green capsules began to fall. As each capsule hit the ground it cracked open and the contents spilled out onto the advancing troops. The effect was instantaneous men and grass and soil were melted right befor4e his eyes, for those that were not in the direct line of fire were either groaning on the ground clutching the mutilated limbs or were shielding their eyes from the horror of what had just happened. Tryndamere cast his gaze over the command line of the Noxus army, and there he saw the Noxian high commander sitting astride a large bay horse and as their eyes locked Tryndamere saw two things in the eyes of the high commander, the first thing he saw was disgust but he saw something deeper, something more that simply being afraid what he saw was regret.

The Noxian high commander had never seen the chemical I n action before. But he had heard of its effectiveness, hugggh this was not effective this was not even honourable combat, it was mindless slaughter. “ cancel fire” he said to his Cornell “ cancel sir” the man replied in a startled tone “ but the chemical is working wonderfully” “ ha-ha watch as they squirm” said the Cornell “ you have your orders” said the Noxian high commander “ now do them or I will consider having you thrown into the fray” this was an empty he knew, and by the look on his Cornel's face so did he.

Tryndamere was surprised when the catapults stopped firing, he thought that the Noxian armies would have kept firing until all of his men were killed. It would have been an easy victory, but he realised that the Noxian commander might by cruel but at least he had a sense of honour, “hmm” that mistake would be his down fall. As the Noxians advanced he could sense the nervousness among the men “ steady” he called “ let them come to us” but he may as well have been talking to a tree, every one’s eyes were fixed on the advancing soldiers. The men eager to avenge their fallen comrades. “ ready” called Tryndamere “ we were born ready” came a reply from the crowd, Tryndamere smiled to himself his men may be marching to their deaths but they still had there sense of humour “ well then,” said Tryndamere “ let’s go catch us some Noxians” and as the last word left his lips the troops surged forward, and Tryndamere himself felt his legs begin to pump “ LET US AVENGE OUR FALLEN FRIENDS, BROTHERS AND COMRADES, LET US GO TO VICTORY” Tryndamere’s battle cry echoed around the valley and as the two forces met at the centre of the valley it began, the battle of the plains.

Tryndamere tore through the lines of Noxians swinging his massive broad sword in great arches as he tried to catch as many enemies on its blade as possible. He looked sideways in the nick of time for a particularly good Noxian had attempted to sneak up behind him get him from behind, but because he had ducked he had to move his blade and was now completely defenceless he saw the man lift his sword up for a final overhead cut but as he brought his blade down he was cut off, literally. As Tryndamere gazed a large grass green blade pierced through the man’s chest, completely stoping his sword stroke the man clutched feebly at his chest trying desperately to remove the deadly blade. But it was hopeless, the sword retreated through the hole it had made in the man’s chest and he toppled over sideways making visible his assailant. And standing there was a very exhilarated master Yi “ thank you master Yi” said Tryndamere as he got up “ for a moment there I thought I was a gonna” “ I doubt you will ever die” master Yi said “ everyone dies sometime or another so I do not fear death” Tryndamere said “ very well’ replied master Yi and with that he ran off into the fray. Tryndamere watched will silent awe as he leapt across the battle field, striking down Noxians left, right and centre. But this was cut off because of a thundering war cry. Tryndamere spun round and there standing on top of a mound of dead Noxians was gragnas, and he was beserking
“ YOU SHALL NOT DEFEAT ME” Gragnas roared at the oncoming Noxians “ YET STILL, YOU SEND YOUR MEN TO THEIR DEATH” this time the Noxians faltered, unsure whether they should continue to attack this fiery, bloodthirsty warrior “ YOU CAN NOT CONTINUE LIKE THIS, COME NOW AND FACE ME COWARD” this shout was not directed at the soldiers but at the Noxian high commander. And as Tryndamere spun around towards the command hill he chocked “ huggh” there up on the hill, cat like in his stance was an archer and as he looked closer the archer fired.
The arrow spun through the air with a dull hiss, and after a second or two buried itself deep into Gragnas’s chest. The massive warrior looked down at his chest with a look of surprise on his face and with a grunt he toppled over onto his ever growing mound off slain enemies. Tryndamere staggered back , although he and the huge war leader had had differences when he was a small boy Gragnas had been like a father to him, and now that he was dead Tryndamere felt a rage like none he had ever felt, “ I’m berserk” he thought. But thoughts were now irrelevant the only thing that mattered was to defeat the Noxian army. Tryndamere felt his pulse accelerate, his muscles tense, his mind calm. So this is what it feels like to be berserk he thought to himself as he looked up at the Noxians” it feels good “he said evilly.
The Noxian high commander look upon the scene before him with horror, he had stuck down the leader of the barbarians thinking that it would demoralize the war leaders men. But now as he looked now upon the battle field it seemed as though it had only enraged the plainsmen. Tryndamere surged towards the Noxian command lines. A few men seeing what he was doing followed him, but they had nowhere near the destructive power of his massive crushing blows. Tryndamere glanced sideways to see master Yi leap up onto the shoulders of the Noxian soldiers, cutting them down as he ran across the sea of enemies. Tryndamere heard him cried “ Tryndamere, go for their commander’ he said sounding exasperated “ he has countless soldiers but kill him and their moral will all but disappear” Tryndamere nodded but his berserk side screamed out for him to slaughter every Noxian in sight, but his common sense told him that this statement was true. “ very well” he roared “ but when I do ill take as many of them down too. The two warriors followed by a small precession of soldiers charged the Noxians command line. Cutting down men in a radiating 180 degree span. Eventually they reached the Noxian high commander surrounded by his strongest warriors. But they fell quickly against Tryndamere’s blood soaked blade “ now” Tryndamere said savagely to the Noxian high commander “ you die” and with that he thrust a blade through the high commanders chest.
The Noxian high commander was shocked. He had been stabbed and now he felt a wave of great calm sweep over him, “ so” he thought to himself “ this is what it feels like to die” and then he knew, knew why he had seen sadness in the faces of his enemies, they were free, the answer was that simple and then as he felt his life seeping away he thought “ and now I am free to”.

Two days later Gragnas’s cremation ceremony was held. Before he was burned he was bathed in the blood of his enemies and now as his corpse slowly burned Tryndamere turned his head towards the fast receding sun. as the new barbarian king he knew he would face countless challenges, just as his predecessor Gragnas had. Tryndamere felt a hot tear roll down his cheek and realized the for a warrior to cry was not a sign of weakness but, in fact a sign of bravery.

producer Mark(Tryndamere) Merril this story is for you.

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Jesus, you back again? You spammed the forums a couple of weeks ago as well.

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Tryndamere waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were minions in the base. He didn't see them, but had expected them now for years. His warnings to Cernel Joson were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Trynd was a barbarian king for fourteen years. When he was young he watched the summoners and he said to dad "I want to be on the Fields of Justice daddy."
Dad said "No! You will BE KILL BY MINIONS"
There was a time when he believed him. Then as he got oldered he stopped. But now in the summoners rift base of the BLUE he knew there were minions.
"This is Joson" the radio crackered. "You must fight the minions!"
So Trynd gotted his big sword and blew up the wall.
"HE GOING TO KILL US" said the minions
"I will shoot at him" said the cannoneer and he fired the rocket missiles. Trynd sworded at him and tried to blew him up. But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill.
"No! I must kill the minions" he shouted
The radio said "No, Trynd. You are the minions"
And then Tryndamere was a zombie.