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I have seen a few places state that the "owned" and "owning" sounds are some kind of placeholder. Well, I don't know what you're going to replace them with, but I need to make a point. They're useless and the do not add to the game experience.... because they don't tell me who is doing what.

Simple as this: the sound needs to be reocgnizably different based on whether it's your team or their team that is killing/being killed. Otherwise, it needs to pike off. All of the flashes, sounds, and other razzle dazzle in a game, actually is information, from projectile art to clashing sounds. But it needs to be usable information, or it is detracting from the experience.

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I agree with this entirely. Back in DOTA/WC3 when a allied hero died you would hear

"An allied hero has fallen!"

Sometimes when the match gets too confusing with too many effects going on the screen, an audio aid can help to clarify some stuff.

It might be confusing to newer players when they hear "OWNED!!" and are like "what what?!?!? Who died?!?!"

I suggest different sound effects for when an allied hero dies and when a hostile enemy dies =D it makes much more sense that way.

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this probably wouldnt work, but it could be cool, maybe if there were 2 announcer voices, one for blue, and one for purple team, both significantly different so u can tell which team is doing what, however it would probably much easier to just add "an allied champion has fallen" so idk