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Seasonal Dominion?

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I know there's been a lot of talk about how there should be NO new maps and MORE NEW maps.

I was just thinking as a player... that I cannot wait to play Dominion as a new map, and also new gameplay style!

But I know we have the summoner's Autumn and also the winter one..but texturally if you just switch major planes of textures, you could have 100's of maps (altho yes the same game playing style).
Dominion isn't released, but I hope to see a Autumn and Winter version.
Further more.. Why isn't there a Desert version of Summoners Rift or Treeline?

I would dig a seasonal Dominion and also:

Desert is one that I think would be the most effective, as it would be just ravines and mountains in a sand world.. so you would actually have less resources dedicated to leaves or plantlife.

A 8 part (?) ravine that goes into a huge ancient Pyramid/Egyptian style landscape?

tl:dr "use new textures on all maps to create new maps (even on dominion)"