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Feedback: US/EU Integration

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I have a couple of feedback items on the location split:

* The site should remember which region I was just in. I keep having to select NA to force it back to the right region whenever I go to it. (I'm currently sitting in the middle east, but I have an NA account.)

* The 3 region servers should be about where the game is hosted for lowest ping & playing with people of your own region, not be separate sets of accounts. Those of us with friends in multiple regions (or who travel frequently) don't want to have to either:
- Level multiple accounts, one for each region
- Live with half second pings just to keep playing our account when we're not near one set of servers.

It's fairly easy to set up database synchronization so that the regions can share account information while still having them located in the appropriate different areas for ping.

* It should not require a multi-hundred megabyte patch to swap regions. If the regional files require localization, keep multiple versions for those of us that swap our client over instead of repatching every time. If there are truly different versions of the server running in each region.... why? Every time I swap from EU to NA, I get to wait a while to re-download files that were on my computer just a little while ago, and repatch.

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I totally agree with the previous comment, we live in a globalized world and most of us have friends located all around the globe. I enjoy the game and I don't mind spending money in it (I have spent a lot in LoL), however I do feel robbed if I have to purchase the same stuff multiple times just to access it on different locations (because I want to play with friends from different regional servers).