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[CHALLENGE] Crack Relationships

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Oh wow. These are all very lovely indeed. Hmm I don't even know if I can pick my favorite. I would say Alistar and Tristana because I main Tris but there's so many to choose from. Alright, I say in writing abiity, style, and story, my favorite would have to be......


So all the stories after this post are his/hers to judge.


While I appreciate your compliment, I'm not sure I'm particularly fit to play the role of a judicator. I like to believe that I have at least some talent for writing short stories, but they tend to be full of critical errors that my eye struggles to find.

From what I've seen, Sarkan of Arkham has enjoyed an almost solitary reign over the Lore forum, and has far more experience critiquing than I could hope to combat!

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Sarkan of Arkham

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While I appreciate your compliment, I'm not sure I'm particularly fit to play the role of a judicator. I like to believe that I have at least some talent for writing short stories, but they tend to be full of critical errors that my eye struggles to find.

From what I've seen, Sarkan of Arkham has enjoyed an almost solitary reign over the Lore forum, and has far more experience critiquing than I could hope to combat!

lol hardly. I didn't even start posting in here until last week when I started writing champion League Judgments in response to Yousosmart's challenges. He hasn't had time to clean up any of them and finalize them except for the first one's. If you want to see them let me know in game (These forums need a goddam PM system >.&gt

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Hmm... I tried it out and got 10 and 20. In other words, Sona and Jarvan VI. I'll give it some thought, and try to write something up in this space!

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5 and 7 - Dr.Mundo and Janna

((slot saved. Immediately came up with something special, but need to leave to do something))


~~~Zaunite Midnight Madness, by Belthazor3457~~~

It was early evening in Zaun, the polution in the sky taking a red-purple haze as the sun set. Zaun's streets, if anything, got more buisy at night rather than less. With so many neon lights, factories striving to one-up eachother, and round-the-clock pollution and industry, the city was buisy and shops were open all day and all night.

In true Zaunite fashion, the famed Doctor Mundo, image of Zaunite progress and self-proclaimed ladies' man, is on his way to the local bar to do one of two things:

A) Look for drunk, underaged girls to take home.

B) Look for drunk, underaged girls to take to his lab.

Which one, depends on the mood.

Today, Mundo felt an experimental mood... but not the scientific kind. He felt like experimenting with other types of alcoholic beverages, to see their effects. Mundo walked into the club, with all the loud music playing and underage girls dancing. He sat down at a table, the skanky waitress coming and giving him his usual, a cocktail mix of double-everything. Mundo sat back and observed the room, debating which girl to persue tonight. Out of all the scantily-clad girls dancing on tables and poles, one stood out - one girl whom had been drawing a crowd, handfuls of Zaunite currency being thrown at her from all directions. Mundo had found his mark.

Mundo got up from his table and went over to the place where Janna was dancing, clad in only her league outfit - perfactly acceptable for pole dances, due to the league's dress codes for her. Mundo muscled several smaller men out of his way, and took a seat as close to her as possible. After a few moments, she took notice, turning and focusing her attention on him as she danced seductively.

"What you doing here?" Mundo asked her, knowing of her usual job, and quite curious as to the reason for her presence. "I'm raising money to help fund my charity for the regulation of magic." she replied, in as seductive a voice as she could muster.

"Mundo might consider donation... but Mundo thinks we should talk more in the V.I.P. room." He responded, noting her interest in money.

"I'm not sure you could pay me enough to pass up all of this." Janna responded, gesturing to the anthill-like mound of money being formed around her.

"Mundo sure." responded Mundo, with confidence.

...and so Janna, giving one last movement to the crowd, used her wind-powers to lift the pile of Zaunite coins into the air, jumped off the table, and sped the good doctor away from the crowd, taking him to their private room - all while neatly placing the zaunite coins into a pile in the corner. She closed the door behind them, then turned to count her earnings, while bending over in a most revealing manner.

"Mmm... so, how big a donation are we talking about?" Janna said inquisitively, while taking a pose straddling the good doctor's waist.

"Mundo thinks that will depend a lot on what you can do for me in return." the doctor replied.

"For only Two-nintey-five a minute... I will leave you... breathless." she retorted, while arcing her back and moving her bosom closer to his face than necessary.

"Mundo surprised at your offer. Why would Mundo not want to breathe? Mundo does that to test subjects all the time. They not like it." Mundo responded, uncertain that this was worth it. "Besides, Noxus buddies use magic a lot to help with experiments." he continued.

"Oh, believe me, I can do much more for you than leave you breathless. I'll show you the kind of satisfaction none of your experiments could ever bring you, and after that, I think you'll see the regulation of magic my way." Janna stated with confidence.

"...Mundo willing to try anything once." retorted the doctor.

"Then let's find somewhere more private. How far is your place?" Janna said, hopping off of his lap and moving to place the pile of Zaunite coins into her purse.

"Mundo owns big cozy penthouse ontop of nearby casino." he responded.

"Mmmm, alright, well I can take us up there very easily... that's just one of the skills I'm going to show you tonight." she replied, leading the good doctor out of the club, then lifting them both into the air.

A few moments later, they arrived on an outdoor balcony, on the very top floor of the nearby Zaun Progress casino. "If I can do that, just imagine what I can do for you in your bedroom." Janna said, proud of her airbending skills.

"Bedroom? Mundo thought you would help with experiment on prisoner down in dungeon." said the confused doctor.

"...uhm, no, I figured I could show you some of my other skills." Janna responded.

"You good cook?" Mundo inquired.

"...I'm going to show you pleasures that are inside your bedroom." Janna stated, and started walking off to the bedroom, while swaying her hips from side to side - hoping that the good doctor would get the message.

"Oh. Mundo understand. Mundo not sure though, this sounds more like Mundo doing you a favor rather than you doing Mundo a favor. Why would Mundo pay for this?" replied the doctor.

"Just you wait. I'll prove it to you." Janna replied confidently. She walked into the bedroom, immediately noticing the large, purple bed and large purple hot-tub in the corner of the room. Mundo clearly had a fondness for purple things. She hopped up onto the bed. "Come here, let me show you a real night of pleasure." she stated.

[The next several paragraphs have been omitted because I do not want a forum ban]

A while later, Mundo laid on his back exhausted. Janna had certainly done quite a number on him. The trick she performed with her mouth, wind magic, and [Censored] alone was enough to convince him that, perhaps, the regulation of magic was an endeavor worth funding - provided there were more occasions like what he just experienced, of course.

Mundo sleep on it he thought to himself. Janna lay exhausted beside him, resting her head on his chest. She was equally exhausted. The good doctor was no small task, especially after giving himself an adrenaline shot in the middle of one of her special tricks. How odd, she thought, that someone so brutish could be so strong...

...and muscular

...and satisfying.

...and... ...purple.

I wonder how much he'll donate? She thought to herself, before falling asleep next to her big, strong, muscular bed-companion.

...and so they fell asleep together, exhausted and drowsy.



Author's note: I actually had an alternate ending in mind that involves going to Janna's place in Zaun, however, I'm reasonably certain that including most, if not all, of that scene would net me a forum ban - so I'm not going to include it.

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Sarkan of Arkham

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5 and 7 - Dr.Mundo and Janna

((slot saved. Immediately came up with something special, but need to leave to do something))

lol WOW if you can make that one work I will be impressed indeed. I had a hard enough time doing Ali/Trist, and even then I ended up playing it for the "Awww" factor more than a romantic relationship.

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Luxanna seldom found enough time to relax, let alone outside of the library she tended the books in. The match she would have been in was canceled, and she had very little to do for the day. She treasured these rare moments of peace, spinning her wand around, watching the chromatic flashes of light from it... watching the motes of light flicker. She didn't bother to take off her Demacian regalia before hand, the polished sheen glimmering in the noon sun almost as brilliant as her magics. Demacia... she thought ...not as bright as you think. She had harbored such thoughts since her judgment. Usually forcing the thoughts out of her mind. She sighed, the rainbow display fading in the air. She wished she could tell someone. Not Garen. He'd be shattered.

She clenched her hand in frustration, now cursing the moment of peace, wishing she could have just been in her match and been done with the day. In as close to anger as can be managed in the young woman, she fired a great glistening beam of light into the sky.

Leona, just finished with her meditation under the sun had came across the young light mage and sensed some of her plight. Her eyes widened in surprise at the magical assault on nothing. She couldn't help but inquire. "Luxanna? Something the matter?" She had taken an interest in the youth upon joining the Legaue, the light magic similar to her own in all respects but it's source. She was wearing her Solari armor, shield and sword more for ceremony than combat.

Lux really did not feel like answering. "Leave me alone."
"Come now... Something's troubling you."
"Why do you care?"
Leona hesitated, concerned look on her face. "There's no reason to be worried about something on a day like this."
"You couldn't understand in the least."
Leona could feel the pain in Lux's voice like it was her own. Stepping closer, the radiant woman adds
"I've helped a lot of people with their problems, now I'm asking, can I help you?"
"What if... everything you knew just suddenly disappeared? Like..." The girl fought of tears. Leona was unsure what to do. She placed an arm around the light mage, comforting.
"I think we've all been through something like that, joining the League."
"N... no. It's not just that. I... I can't tell anyone! Not even my brother! It's..."
"Shh... I've seen you fight. You're a strong girl. We've all got things to hide." The Solari is familiar with the goings-on in Demacia... the need for secrecy. "You can tell me. Will that make you feel better?"
Lux thought for a moment, deciding Leona wouldn't tell anyone. She's too good for that. "I... It's about my acceptance into the League."
"Oh dear, I'm afraid that was what this was about."
"I... I was going to be royalty! My father... He... he sent me off to go study magic."
Leona just held the girl, letting her continue.
"They took away everything! And..." Luxanna really didn't want to continue, a few tears having broke free of her eyes.
"Something tells me that's not the worst part."
"I came here to fight for Demacia... I don't even know why I fight for them anymore..."
Leona tensed up, Lux's story reminding her so much of herself.
"I've felt the same way before, Luxanna. During my judgment." She sighed, pained to continue.
"But I know why I fight. I fight to protect the weak. I fight for the sun. The judgment opened my eyes. I fight because if I don't, who will? You shouldn't fight for Demacia because you are told. Fight to protect it's people."

It hardly consoled Lux, but Leona was trying her hardest. The last thing she had expected to do was help someone else in this manner. But Lux had calmed down a bit. Leona closed her eyes, holding Lux tighter to her, the girl doing the same. They rocked ever so slightly as the warm noon sun shone down on them both. Leona gave a wistful smile, and Lux was no longer crying.

"See? I told you I could help."
"Thank you, Leona."
Leona smiled. "May the sun shine brightly on you."
"It already has."
Those words gave Leona more joy than she had hoped to feel... since... ever. She smiled warmly, and before departing added "If there is anything you ever want to talk to me about, Luxanna, please... I'm open ears."

Lux was alone again, the Solari silently departing. Lux sat on the hillock and closed her eyes, basking in the warmth of the sun.

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(( Oh god. Sure, I'll go with this.

2 and 17, let's see a Brand x Orianna ... I'm gonna call it 'meeting.' ))

"You. Broke. Your. Doll."

Brand turned the charred face of his host body to view the interloper. She was a spirit bound to a shell she didn't quite fit into, just as he was, though his situation was somewhat more voluntary ... as he understood it, anyway. Even though he wouldn't admit it, he needed this fleshy prison. Though, he could do without the literal, negatron-barred one. A cage within a cage, rather excessive.

The clockwork girl's odd method of speech hardly bothered him. Its halting pattern was no more difficult to follow than the roar of a volcano, or the crackling-pop of a campfire. More importantly, right now, it was probably more interesting than the bars of his cage.

There had been no visitors to speak of for a very, very long time, and Brand was ashamed to say he was bored. He looked her in the single, roving eye as she flitted about his cage, staring at him. Her humanoid puppet followed after, an unnatural grace briefly catching his eye, touching primal urges he had no use for, from a body that couldn't begin to act on them. He shoved them away - the metal shell probably could no more consummate a physical relationship than he could, and that wasn't the house for her spirit anyway.

"What do you want?" He muttered it, defensively.

The Ball stopped in midair, exactly at head height, the single lense peering in at him. Her voice echoed from the puppet behind her. "Why. Do. They. Keep. Breaking?" The puppet wound itself, one arm folding unnaturally behind it, as she awaited his response.

"Humans? They're weak. You're better off as you are now." He shot a small blast of fire her way, to demonstrate. The lens retracted into The Ball, and it rotated slightly, not even a little bit charred. "See?"

She stared out at him, as though gauging whether or not he was going to try that again. When he made no move to harm her, she made the puppet walk toward his cage and stare in at him as well. "My. Father. Is. Human," she pointed out. As though that meant something to him.

"Well, you aren't, not anymore." He twisted his mouth into something close to an expression humans would call a smirk. "The Summoners say you died training yourself for their games."

"Yes. I. Died. But. I. Got. Better. Father. Fixed. Me. It. Is. A. Fun. Game." The Ball bobbed up and down in something not entirely unlike a nod, as the girl's voice intoned those words.

Brand returned the nod. "If you were still human, do you really think you'd be able to compete?"

"I. Am. Still. Human."

Fire-touched fingertips pushed through the bars, the flames dying as they passed the barrier formed there. He ran them briefly across the metal skin of The Ball. "You keep telling yourself that, princess. Maybe one day, everybody will believe it."

((... I don't like it at all, but eh. It was interesting.))

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K here goes, was listening to this song on repeat for inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h08Qx...eature=related (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h08Qx4kThUI&feature=related)

"Winter....my favorite season" said the Master of Metal to himself. He enjoyed his nightly strolls in the unforgiving better cold which surrounded the Institute of War. He mused on how quickly his diseases would end lives in this brutal environment, but quickly dismissed the thoughts. He had slaked his thirst for death scores of times over on the fields of justice. As of that moment he simply wanted to collect his thoughts. As he walked the snow and ice cracked under his weight and the wind whistled past his armor, changing pitch with each step. He altered his pace until the sound was almost hauntingly melodious, and chuckled to himself.

"I'll have to remember that, perhaps use it in the next song somehow...."

He reflected on the past few days and took this time to contemplate the meaning of the "huehuehuehuehue" that his summoners commonly spouted at one another. It was almost always a sign of impending defeat. But he learned to live with it. His thoughts drifted to Pentakill. He tried to recreate that haunting melody again, but found that he was unable. Desperate to remember it, he hummed it to himself and started to return to the Institute of war. Maybe he would find Sona, and she could do something with it.

Meanwhile, Sona sat in her room feeling a tad dejected. "Why did my healing ability deteriorate further?" she thought, after contemplating her lackluster performance on the fields that day. "I guess it just happens...." she mused, her mouth forming into a curl of indifference. She shrugged her shoulders and reached for her etwahl. Feeling a hunger pang she remembered it was dinner time anyway, and floated off in search of food. "Maybe I'll see Morde there..." She perked up a bit at that idea, but immediately stopped in her tracks. She remembered the downside of being mute. She thought about all the shows she played with him, how he always consulted her for the next riff or the next breakdown. Something about his personality just made her feel more alive around him. She decided there was no use just floating in the middle of the hallway, and rounded the corner to the cafeteria.

A couple of hours passed and Sona had returned to her room. Morde had made the mistake of accepting a drinking challenge from gragas, and the fact that he was still standing was no small feat. As he lumbered around searching for the bathroom, he heard the heart-wrenching melodies coming from Sona's etwahl. These were different than the ones he normally heard. The sad descending minor chord arpeggios, whining ascensions, and shivering trills. Sona was practically crying through the instrument. It had a sobering effect on Morde, who remembered why he wanted to find her in the first place.

After trying in vain to recall the melody, he finally gave up. Sona still appeared to be a tiny bit dejected.

"Whats wrong, Sona?" inquired the master of metal.

She played a tune of dismissal, but cut short of resolving it. She trailed off simply starting at the window...

"You know I really like you, how can I help?"

Sona opened her eyes wide and did a double take, then looked up imploringly at Morde,

"W-W-Well n-not in that way necessarily" stammered a semi-sober Morde. But he thought for a second. The truest things are said with the aid of alcohol, and the more he thought about it, the truer the statement was. Sona outshone every other woman in the league to him. Katarina and MF and Akali were in the running for second, but it was a distant second at that.

His thoughts were interrupted when Sona leaped up to remove his helmet, and kissed him. Instinctively he embraced her, almost refusing to let go. When he finally did release her, she simply looked at him with a pink blush on her face, and slid her right arm out of her dress, then her left. Morde got a good look at exactly how ravishingly beautiful she really was.

The ice on her window practically melted by the time morning came. Neither one had any sleep.

.......And now you see why I've stuck with mathematics my whole life.

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Sarkan of Arkham

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Ha you got an easy one. Y'know assuming Morde IS human after all. They shall be brought together by the power of their love... for METAL!

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Morde and Sona. This should be interesting. Saving spot.

That doesn't seem too hard. Pentakill makes for a good framing device.

When I rolled I got 15 (Lee Sin) and 18 (Poppy). Oh god. Probably not even going to write that one.