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[GUIDE] The most aggressive Teemo at his best (scout's honor!)

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Is this build outdated?

Not at all I've been using this build for the past week I've been playing and I can say it is literally the best AP Teemo build out there. People absolutely HATE your shrooms!!! I read a post earlier in the thread about how do you kill eve... what I do in a situation if I'm playing a team of Eve and Shaco even plant shrooms in the lane your in and simply hide behind them. Try and bait them if you know their in a certain area of brush or what not. I've killed Eve and Shaco many times even if they didn't attack me, they could have been in a team fight or going in to attack a teammate. Hit a shroom, and that either kills them or puts them in serious danger.

The build takes a little bit to get used to, and definitely depends on the teams your playing against, but you can adjust your style accordingly. I love playing heavy melee DPS teams because they are suckers and have no choice but to get close.

Early games you are a harasser, and can still get A LOT of kills. I have people tell me all the time, even just last game, that they can't get any kills with me around. Its either the shroom, poison tick, or blinding shot. And with move quick on the chance of them getting away is slim to none. I think I finished last game with like 667 AP or something. Yeah your fragile, but learn to hit and run, and ALWAYS try to retreat to your shrooms. I also put lanes at entrances to pathways, it helps prevents ganks or down withdrawing opponents.

I also should add I'm only summoner level 12 and I was a bit weary at first with the full rune page, but it works fine for me. Yeah earlier levels your mana pool will be dry after battles but once you pick up some of the +mana items your unstoppable in most situations.

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I Karma I

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ok i read threw the guide and i dont know if its out of date but it looks like it would be fun, i've got over 100 games with teemo but i usually play DPS never tried AP but i never saw u say the runes u buy u said 6% cooldown then rest mana regen but which ones are u buying to make it 6%? if u already said this i appologize.

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Bumping this guide because Teemo has been recently buffed, and this playstyle is actually viable again. His dart still isn't as good as it was, but the buff to shrooms offsets that well enough.