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Caster Items (Annie)

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I start off with Ruby Crystal
Turn it into a Haunting Guise
Get Sorc Boots
(Get mejai's if i'm feeling confident)
Get Void Staff
Get Rylai's
Start buying Blasting Wands
If i make it to three Blasting Wands, buy Zonya's.

It's worked great for me. I do a lot more damage with this build than with a straight AP build, especially late game. And the early game health and spell vamp works great to keep me in lane.

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Ok look. Annies AP scales horribly. Going for AP and more AP and more AP isn't efficient.

Maxing out AP will make Annie an even better ganker, but too squishy to be very useful once she's blown her tibbers bomb in a group fight.

Annie doesn't NEED maximum AP to get 10+ kills. And if you are getting 8-12 kills with few deaths, you're doing it right. If you wanna rack up 20+ kills, go Pure AP, but good luck with that as you move to higher ELO's.

Annie is a tanky DPS beast when built correctly.

Sapphire Crystal + 2 hp Pots ( you should be solo mid as often as possible)

On first gate back you should be able to grab a Catalyst + Boots 1.

Build into Rod of Ages asap (average is the 15 minute mark)

After RoA and Boots 1, Go Leviathan. I know.. I know.. wtf? Leviathan on a mage?

Yes Leviathan. It is SO easy to get kills/assists on Annie, You will max this out constantly, and it's a self protecting item. The more stacks you get, the harder it is to lose them.

Next go Sorc Boots or Merc Treads depending on who you are up against and your needs

Next, Rylai's. Another HP/AP boost, and a slow that procs off of your Tibbers AE damage. can slow an entire team for 15% during group fights.

Now you want a Zhonya's. Anything after that is Gravy.

In Summary

Rod of Ages
Sorc Boots/Merc Treads
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Zhyonya's Ring

With this build you'll have 3610 HP (considering Maxed Leviathan) with 15% damage reduction and a buff that gives you a nice armor/mr boost.

I always get the first 3 items in order, after that sometimes I switch it up depending on how the game is going. Glacial Shroud/Frozen Heart, Deathfire Grasp are also fantastic items on Annie, consider getting them even before Zhonya's if you feel they will be more useful.

As far as Mejai's goes.. it's really up to how well you are doing in the game. I generally do not get it. Leviathan is so much easier to build stacks with, and the AP from this build is plenty.

With this build I often survive focus fire from a team during fights, it's amazing the **** I live through on Annie. Lets her survive long enough to get off 2-3 rounds of her incinerate/disintegrate and an extra stun in group fights. This **** can turn the tides of battle.

My suggested Rune/Mastery build.

21 in Utility, 9 in Offense (Magic pen)

Red = Magic Pen
Yellow = Dodge
Blue = Cooldown
Quint = Cooldown

This will start you out with 20% Cooldown. Stay on top of Golem buff and you've pretty much maxed cooldowns. Grab a glacial shroud and you are max, or close enough for it not to matter.

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0prah Winfrey

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So I tried out Mejai's - I don't like it at all. What's the point? Even if you manage to get 20 stacks in a reasonable amount of time, one death gets completely negates your 15% CD reduction and brings you back down to 112 AP - less than a Zhyonya's. Considering we're talking about Annie, you'll probably die at some point, especially late game.

Also, is it that easy to get kills with Annie? I mean, yes, I get more than most champs. But if you're getting 10 kills early enough to make the Mejai's a sick item, you're probably just kill stealing your carry. When you do that, you better win early or else you'll end up losing. Sure you'll have a great kill spread, but who gives a ****?

Tanerian, you're right about her AP, it's an interesting point. Her HP seems to scale well, considering a ROA alone keeps you alive for so long as it is. Maybe it is a good idea to throw some more survivability on her so you can keep casting in team fights.

Maxing out CD reduction seems like a good idea too, but her mana base is kind of low. You'd really need to stack some MP on her, in which case you're probably looking at a Frozen Heart or a Glacial Shroud.

Maybe that's the best way to go - more the middle ground. Get some survivability, some CD reduction, and a ton of AP instead of maxing out any one of them.

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Mana Crystal + 2 pots
Sorc Boots
Soulstealer(if you're doing well)
Void Staff
Banshee's Veil
Games are over

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Senior Member


whats the point of mejai?

Mejai = 1250 gold (about)
Zhonya = 3800 gold (about).

that's the point... MEJAI IS CHEAP!

This is how i build Annie:

1) Health Crystal -> Catalyst
2) Boots
3) Mejai (if im doing good with kills/assists)
4) Leviathan (if im doing REALLY good with kills/assists)
5) RoA
6) 1 or 2 Damage items: Deathfiregrap, Abyssal Scepter, Zhonya
7) 1 or 2 Survival items: Guardian Angel, Banshee Veil, Frozen Heart, Haunting Guise
8) Anything else depends on the game.

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Yeah, someone else posted an AP to GP ratio and it looked like even with *5* stacks the Soulstealer was worth it. So say you have 20 and you die. . .and die again. . .you still have enough stacks that it was cheaper to go with that than with something else.

Of course, getting two snowball items (the Soulstealer and Leviathan) could be scary. Die and your utility goes down by a marked amount!

I like the tanky annie idea. Maybe it is worth a try.


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Junior Member


My Annie build is:
Zhonya's ring
Sorcerer's Boots
Archangel Staff
Haunting guise
Mejai Soulstealer

Runes are Red-MagicPen Blue&yellow-Cooldown Essences-MovementSpd

Played 7 times in a row today and havent lost once

Edit: Movement essences are god tier, love how you catch and stun them in early game since you are faster. Also i dont use mejai if battles are hard, change into the blue staff that slows targets, teamwork FTW

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Sapphire Crystal + 2 Health Pots
Boots of Speed
RoA (Usually about 15 min mark or sooner)
Merc Treads

End game. If still going, try abyssal.

Try getting Mejais before RoA if you're good. I find myself having 4-5 kills before getting my mejais at times.