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Is Dominion Inspired by [white noise your brain excretes]

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Ten Dollar Name




Dominion, and the "Capture and hold" style are completely new!

In fact you can look up this fact in any basic science textbook, but the capture and hold style did not exist until this very moment in space time.

All previous instances are the result of Zilean and Heimerdinger's crazy night out wherein they located a hot tub time machine and we back to the stone age, and crafted giant monolithic plates covered in Hieroglyphics.

They didn't know what they were carving because they were so tanked at the time - but the dinosaurs at the time later related to their human friends the grand truth that - "Some locations have strategic advantages over other locations" - Using this knowledge the deceitful humans betrayed their dinosaur brethren, and cast them into the fires of Mount Doom.

Therefore, the entire concept of capturing and holding a strategic point comes not from basic rudimentary knowledge, nor from ages of military know-how and historical fact - it originated just mere months ago in the riot back offices - nestled betwixt Karriebear and Nikasaur.

And that's why she looks so excited in the video.