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Rioters opinion / thoughts on Dominion

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So after watching the trailer, I'm pretty excited about Dominion. Whilst its not unheard of, I know it is very fast pace and never a stopping moment (if you do, you've lost momentum).

But I want to hear back from the Rioters whom are constantly playing this. We saw on the trailer Nikasaur having a ball. We know that her ELO isn't that highest out there, but I want to know what her thoughts are !!

I want to know what Phreak or Morello thinks. Tryndmere would probably say its like the most rewarding and fun thing to play, but I still want to hear what you think from playing the game.

Wondering if we can fill this thread up with as many red posts as possible. Especially those whom play it all day.

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A lot of them have said their opinions in other threads