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Random Quests and what it means.

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After watching the announcement, the reviews and the gameplay, only one thing bothers me about Dominion : how do you want to add ranked or promote the map on the competitive side if it includes random quests ?

The only example given for now is "Capture the bottom 2 points !". But maybe your 3-4 members of your team are capturing the top point and will have to travel the whole map to get this quest done. If, in the exact same match, the quest was "Capture the right point !" and your team was on the top point, you'd have an easier time achieving the quest.

What I mean is that this "randomness" of the quests is kinda like random runes in DotA : if you get an Illusion rune, you're pretty much f*cked, but if you get a double damage rune and you're a MasterYi-like champ, you wreck people. That's the kind of random stuff you dont want to see in ranked / competitive play (and that's what I dont like about DotA), you want your win to be based on your skills, not on a RNG.

My question here is : will the quests bring some huge rewards / can you ignore them if you can't achieve them or will that make you lose the match ?

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Private Akali

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Lets be honest here, Dominion will be taken as seriously as Twisted Treeline in actual tourneys

Maybe even less so