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A few bugs...

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Best IreIia NA



?In-game lobby no longer displays mouse-over account stats for other users, only yourself.

?Veigar's picture during game load up screen displays a blue rectangle. In-game he's fine.

? If you join a friends lobby and send out your own invites it sometimes drops you from the group when the lobby owner launches.

?Sometimes you will load into a game without sound, this is maybe 1 in 20 games.

This is what i've come across, though I have no way to prove these are directly mac related, I also have not looked these bugs up on the forums; may have already been discussed.

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Senior Member


Hi and welcome to the forums

1). Haven't noticed this myself will check on it
2). Known - the issue is with the picture, fix available here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=859115
3). Haven't seen this yet, will test.
4). Have experienced this - anyone else? No fix yet - and its annoying since it doesn't come back even if u move your headphones in and out of the jack :/ have to restart the client.