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A statement to those that think Dominion won't be competitive.

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To the people who think the new game mode won't be competitive:

I hope these people realize that the most successful games are ones that are the most accessible in addition to having depth beyond the initial learning curve. Ever heard the phrase "Easy to pick up, but hard to master?"

I look forward to some of the new strategic decisions available in Dominion. Will you build a team of individuals focused on avoiding and outmaneuvering the enemy? Maybe a team focused on full team roaming and capturing? Perhaps a team with two pairs of champs and a solo champ, conquering the map in three groups? Not to mention weighing which points to attack/defend at what times and with what champions.

Instead of focusing on the strategic decisions lost as compared to Summoners Rift (like jungling), focus on the new decisions that replace them (like new team comps and point capturing strategies). A new mode comes with all sorts of nuances that we can't even see until we play it.