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Summoner Showcase - Issue #40 - A Brief Distraction

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Emo Hero

Junior Member


Very nice hat i like to think your wearing hats more in the summoner showcases because i commented that you should when your wore that amazing teemo hat :3!!

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All Skid Marks

Junior Member


Is it just me or do i like you more and more every video Perhaps it is.

Summoners! Though today's announcements are full of surprises, some things don't change. Like the weekly Showcase!

So take another look at these fan submitted creations!

SketchFu Art

Mantas Kietas and Fell Off Tree used the internet to paint up Alistar and Annie, respectively.

Time to Die

Badministrator raps over a song, giving it some Urgot love.

Tristana's Brother Concept Art

Loopyslop thinks Tristana should have a brother, that his name should be Bash, and that he should be cute as a button.

LoL Memory Game

If you have an Android device, point your market to Viish's new card matching game!

That's it for this week, so you can go back to drooling over Dominion. As usual, if you have any League of Legends inspired stuff, send it to Summoner_Showcase@RiotGames.com with your summoner name!

Don't forget, this is the last week to submit to the Songs of the Summoned contest! You could win a luxurious ASTRO Gaming A30 Headset and oodles of Riot Points. Got music on the mind? Rock it.

We'll see you next week!