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Dominion is a nice idea, but...

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there was a map on wc3 made by the same guy who made Footman frenzy.
He made onslaught essentially. Great concept. I think the games either lasted too long or too short based on team work.
Of course, like footman frenzy, you could upgrade and control minions as well as your hero.

Basically Onslaught would be your AM mode.

(I think its Onslaught 1.2 by CattleBruiser)

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This is a good idea for a 10 v 10 map, a few years from now. If you really want it to go back and forth like in UT, I think it needs more players to kind of eliminate the power of one or two people getting fed. The reason it works in an FPS is that people always respawn more or less equal with their opponents. If you did this in a 5v5 mode, as Morello and Brackhar have said, it would play very similarly to SR.

Also, I hope you all realize how f'in fun capture and hold type gameplay is when done well. If Dominion is done well, it will be a frantic constant blood bath that usually comes down to the wire. If it's done right it will be exciting, fast, basically it's going to be like a never ending control for the dragon fight... Should be fun!

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Onslaught was an awesome game mode I agree. Do you think it would be differentiated enough from the normal SR gameplay though? You could argue that since you have to kill towers in a connected manner to finally damage the nexus it's actually somewhat similar....

I agree with this. I feel onslaught is a little more limited due to having to attack in order, and to create a more free-flowing game mode with higher action, we needed to remove that constraint.

In the case that everything is still dictated by lanes, sure, it would essentially be Summoner's Rift.

However, if the "lanes" and "creep" portion of the map were completely removed, and made to where the leveling was entirely handled by Neutrals (a very strange suggestion to make for a MOBA, I know), the game would be MUCH more dynamic, and "free-flowing" as you say.

I made a quick mock-up of what a potential node path could be:

Additional methods of garnering EXP and Global Gold for the team, since creep would be taken out, could be:
-Node Capture gives a bit of area EXP, and generates more Global Gold ticks for the team while the Node is controlled.
-Node Control could give ticks of EXP for the team, or the number of Nodes controlled could affect the amount of EXP the team gains for killing Neutrals (bonuses like 10% bonus EXP per node controlled).
-Those Red Triangles (Dragon-type Neutrals, possibly only assailable when those nodes are controlled, regardless of whether or not your team controls the node adjacent)

Additionally, each node could be guarded by a typical Summoner's Rift-type Tower, that stays Neutral (and cannot attack) until the Node is controlled, at which point the Tower begins to operate for the team.

Controlling the Central Node could unlock a separate store window or additional options at the store (I know Riot doesn't like the Secret Shop because "No one likes to die with a menu open" -- so this could simply be something that applies its additional effect when you return to your home base).

To counteract the potential snowball effect of one team simply getting more nodes off the start and therefore having an insane gold/exp advantage, a few checks would have to be in place...
-Base monster EXP would need to be worth more, so venturing off to capture a node immediately off the start rather than leveling up leaves you at risk of falling behind on levels.
-Potentially have each node spawn creep, even though I said no creep, and have one per group able to capture a node -- however, each of these creep give gold and experience when killed. This means players can move to defend the nodes that are essentially theirs from the start (the two base adjacent ones) and still get some EXP even if they cannot capture the Neutrally Positioned nodes.

These are just brainstorms -- but I hope you guys at Riot don't just write the aforementioned Onslaught mode off as "this has to be identical to Summoner's Rift, or at least not different enough" -- I see it as having a great deal of potential.

Edit: And one more thing I always loved about Onslaught is that it had an al dente cap (not quite hard, but it did have a guaranteed ending) on game run-time. After a certain allotted amount of time, the game switched into "Sudden Death" at which point, if neither Base had been destroyed, each base began losing health at a rate based on how many nodes the opponents controlled at that time.

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Roger Barbossa

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how about something similar to the payload race game mode from TF2, that might be something totally different, and it could be fun too