SERVER/CONNECTION issues due to update? WTF? etc?

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RIOT, by now you probably are informed and probably as per usual you dont give a ducks quack about it, and you will wait about 6 hours before you implement anything that resembles an update. BUT:

Currently there is an issue when you join/que for a dominion (and it wasnt just me, it was the whole 5 + 5 players.)

What is happening is that Some players are getting failure to join, some like me are getting into the loading screen and others just are having no clue so ever. After loading the screen after we all picked our champions, it was solo me (the other 4 allies were black squares for whatever reason).;.. There were 2 enermy players loading up but the other 3 wernt. After a little bit I pretty much got booted from LoL, and 3 firewall errors later, some magical being maybe a unicorn idk, It let me ACTUALLY do the "reconnect" option and thus i rejoined the game.

I thought "Hurrah! I didnt create or even come close to lightning and clearly if i was in a bathtub that would be the last thing I would want!, but! i Did come closer to wondering What in the world of League of Legends was happening... NOT only were there many other players reconnecting (they all had similar issues) but also there was NO 'health' bar on the dominion nodes or whatever they are technically called. I may appear to be rambling, but thats not the point. THERE WERE TINY LITTLE Green and Red Dots to replesent WHO controlled certain nodes.... Maybe with your little non official ranked disabled update, you have created life! A MOSTROUS being of devouring life that has taken over the rest of League of Legends World......!

So the obvious question besides the usual assumption "Here we go, riot IT personnel don't have a clue and they have caused a chain reaction that has not only failed to fix the problem they were scheduled to 'maintain Maintenance'" but brought the whole building down in a fiery cataclysm of player greifing and a rabbit den of upset players....

Ok so im going to get to the point NOW... W T F is going on??? Why CAN'T you understand that your IT team continously enact the same awful results every time they change a 0 to an 1 or a 1 to a 0!.. Did they not attend 'programming school'? Please be aware that not only do we 'pay' for unneeded and unnecessary products by purchasing riots points, but we expect as paying customers a certain result not a continuous backdraft of errors and uncertainty.

To all my fellow League of Legends players. be at ease, im sure this 'simple' issue will be resolved in the next 6 hours+ as unfortunately we have come to expect