Tryndamere and Teamfights

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So I guess the only reason Tryndamere is so underplayed is because they say he sucks at teamfights. This is what I would like to discuss here, and I'm curious about your thoughts of Tryndamere and teamfights.

Because I believe exactly the opposite, I think Tryndamere is one of the best teamfighters ever. All of his abilites play out perfectly in teamfights both aiding his team and allowing him good mobility and damage.

I guess people say Tryndamere dies too quickly and is harmed by disables too hard, but that's only because players never build him tanky. And honestly why wouldn't you build Tryndamere tanky? He has a massive crit chance steroid, an attack damage boost of around 40AD, 50 at 1 HP during ulti. He has a lowCD spin so movement speed isn't such a burning necessity, along with his slow. He has all the steroids you need for him to deal damage while you buy tank items to make him a bruiser.

I would think of something like an Infinity and Frozen Mallett early along with Merc's Treads, while buying Phantom Dancer, Warmog's Armor and Atma's Impaler later on. This gives you a good 2k bonus health, some Armor/MR and still puts you at 100% crit chance and around 300AD. The tenacity from Merc's Treads is also crucial, because combined with Cleanse, you can reach 90% CCreduction for 4 seconds. True that you might need to get runes for Attack Speed but that's managable I think.

But now comes the funny part, because aside from critting for 600-700 dam you have the ability to remove 100AD from all enemy champions. That's easily 2,5k-3k gold. You put them behind with 100-120 cs. Simply spinning in and casting W almost already worth it, because you place their AD carry at such a disatvantage. Teamfights last around 5-15 seconds and first seconds are always the most important. 4 seconds with 100AD less can really hurt a carry. And because the CD is 14 seconds you might even be able to re-cast it after winning the teamfight to chase down fleeing enemies.

Of course you will get CCd and exhausted, because you are Trondomere, and all the pros out there know how to counter Trondomere. "Hrah my boy, when I was young we used to stun Trondomere and he died immediately. Other times we just *granpa coughs* ... so we put an exhaust on him and he was useless." But they forget Tryndamere is a meele fighter, and you also have a ranged carry on any proper team. As a bruiser with some MR/Armor and a little bonus HP that's exactly what you'll want. To take all the CC so that your ranged carry can reign free. You go in (AFTER THE TANK! Always after the tank as second!) and do you think your ranged carry will get exhausted? No, YOU will get exhausted because you are TRONDOMERE. And all the pros know how to counter Trondomere, and that is by chain CC. You take all their CC out and that's good because if the AD ranged is a decent player he can win the fight for you. But if they CC the ranged instead then you can crit for 600-700 dam per hit wich is also good. All you need is the team at your side when you fight. (and that is where most Tryndameres fail) And even if you DO take all the CC you can cleanse out of it, and have 90% reduction for 4 seconds. If your enemies are n00bs and see that you cleansed out of a stun they might exhaust you again just for you to stay under CC and ignore the 90% reduction.

What's the summary? You removed 100AD from the enemy team and got at least 3 CC out. They might reduce you to 0 HP during the CCs,but then you still have 5 seconds and can deal around 1500 dam.

Take cleanse, have 90% reduction for 4 seconds with Merc's Treads and then you will both take all the CC out AND deal tons of damage. Aside from removing 100AD and so on.

Now the cool thing in your ulti is that you have a 300 heal waiting for you after it. If you didn't rush in alone then it should also allow at least 1-2 more hits for another 1000 dam. See, you get CCd but you don't even die properly during it. In teamfight and extra 5 seconds of life can make all the difference. As a bruiser, when you get to the point of having to cast ulti there must be only rly few CC left on the enemy.

I really don't understand why aren't there teamfighting Tryndameres. Debuff the entire enemy team, take all the CC (then cleanse) spin where ever you want to and deal tons of damage alongside the ranged carry. If you build a little defense and then you won't get too big bursts to fire the ulti too early and die under CCs. That's all you need, a little defense, and why wouldn't you get it alongside the huge AD and critchance steroids?

I guess all the people who play Tryndamere are charmed by how OP he is and build full AD then go in 1v5. Ofc he dies quickly then. I don't think he was meant to be the general source of damage, he has great dam really, but the primary function would really be just to take all the CC out and help the ranged carry and AP caster with a little slow and debuff. As Tryndamere you will really get what you want as a tanky bruiser, you will get focused instead of the caster and ranged. The 5 seconds invulnerability is just the bonus on the package.

I tried it too and it works most of the time, if your team can understand that you won't initiate all alone and your ulti is not your biggest trick. Getting there is also pretty easy, if you don't want to be harassed on lane, well Tryndamere happens to be an ideal jungler, but if you prefer laning, then his heal on solo top will give you what you want. Whenever your enemy tries to harass you, you simply remove their AD. That's it. Along with the heal, you win the harass trade.

I'm not saying he's easy, no Tryndamere needs a lot of skill, but it's really worht investing into because he's super effective in teamfights. If you say, "hah I'm gonna play some OP tryndamere right click and win" that's not gonna work. Positioning and good initation is still very important and Tryndamere is not easy champion, but very strong.

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I think the reason is that his ult. is time limited and you want to maximize the damage output while you're invulnerable. Has anyone successfully played a tanky Trynd?

*Necro. successful* HIGH FIVE!!!! Aww yeahhhhh!