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Will of the Demonblade-Tryndamere's Story

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Darkness... All senses gone. Only Primal Instinct. THEN, a bright light. Thousands of cheering fans all around and the man finds himself on a powerful runed platform. Looking around he sees the league champions Malzahar, Garen, Mordekaiser, and Brand. The Barbarian King spat. "What a useless bunch of weaklings," directly staring at Garen. Irritated Brand's flames turn blue and Malzahar's Void aura starts lashing out. The Demacian pays no heed to the insulting barbarian as he goes off to fight the others. Silent as ever the "Master of Metal" walks away without a single clang from his bladed armor.
Slowly making his way through the Summoner's Rift, Tryndamere drags his sword along his side, and notices for the first time a chip in the blade. Wondering, he touches the blade and an unbearable pain courses through his body. Trained to keep himself controlled he stays quiet and looks at his finger. "No blood?" he asks himself. Just from touching it his insides were screaming in agony and yet he is unscathed.
The fight begins and he slashes the purple demons down one after another, yet he hears screams coming from these mindless bodies with no mouths. He looks at his blade and the chip has grown into a hole the size of a man's eye. From the enemy team, a champion called Malphite emerges, one of the very few beings to have withstood the unrelenting assault from the Freljordian King.
The armored rock monster sure of itself, pays no attention to the Freljordian King. In his rage, Tryndamere surges towards Malphite, blade in hand ready to decapitate. With all his might he swings it towards Malphite's shoulder, only to leave a crack. Unexpectedly , Malphite lets out a death scream falling to the ground and shatters to pebbles. Looking at his blade, Tryndamere sees the hole has grown to the size of his head. The audience has gone quiet all of a sudden. A boom sounds off and soon three blue lights appear in front of him, showing themselves as the High Council. The hooded figure in the middle reveals herself as High Councilor Velissa Kolminye and chanted some stranged words. Where the broken pieces of Malphite lay, a circle bound by runes appears and they are teleported away. Clearing her voice the High Councilor addresses everyone with a booming voice, "THIS MATCH HAS BEEN ENDED, LEAVE NOW!" and leaves just as she came. Soon the champions are unsummonned each one leaving in a blue pillar of light.

Returning to his quarters, Tryndamere did something he never thought to do again. He put the sheath on his legendary blade with no name.

Seeking answers, the Barbarian King trekked the icy tundra of Freljord to find the same Bone Witch who had given him help on to becoming the King and uniting the Freljord tribes.

A cave looking like a maw sits atop the frozen peaks protected from others by the freezing North winds and glaciers. Reaching his destination, Tryndamere discovers the witch sitting in a circle of runes imbued with bones. The Witch, sensing the powerful and intimidating aura of the man standing before her and says, "Young'un wat do ye look for in the home of Amedesa the Bone Witch, huh?"
" Bone Witch, I have come for your wisdom in repairing my sword. You told me how to obtain it, now you shall tell me to how fix it!" said Tryndamere asserting his power.
"Sonny, I'll tell ya wat i done know about yer abysmal blade that ye done broke here."

Now, in a completely serious tone, the Bone Witch Stands up and leaves her protective barrier touching Tryndamere's forehead with a bony finger says. "Look at what I have to show you, young king." His mind starts unraveling his thoughts mixing with the witch's and suddenly his vision turns to darkness. Then he hears Amedesa's voice in his mind.
"Watch as your blade Soulreaver was born in the world of darkness. It is a world of horrendous monsters so vile and evil that the world has never experienced it. Hatred and Anger in the air Do you know this place? It is the home to many atrocities that Kassadin fights."
Almost instinctively Tryndamere whispered "The Void."

"Yes" says the witch. "Your Blade, is unlike any weapon our world has known. Made in the deepest recesses of that nightmarish world in the Demonforge by the General Asi'amoq, Soulreaver was a weapon of untold powers, bringing the very fears of the void itself to life. Once the destructive ways of our use of magic summoned them into our world, they had one goal. To conquer and contaminate. At the time, our most expert leader on magic was Ryodal Ashram an ancient ancestor to the leader of your League, Reginald Ashram.
Unfortunately, the General himself was busy commanding the armies of darkness to destroy what little resistance was on this world, so he blessed his finest and most ruthless soldier Falaxx with it. Soulreaver granted the powers that the void feared itself upon Falaxx and soon, his demonic power allowed him to lay waste to whole armies. The work of this one soldier came to the attention of Ryodal and he went to stop this atrocity once and for all.
Summoning the ancient magics that lie beneath Valoran, Ryodal gained untold power of the makers. Soon he met Falaxx and Asi'amoq on the battlefield. Holding legendary power in his hands Ryodal wiped out millions of demons with one blow. Now, The three of them fought, yet Ryodal was more than a match for the General and his soldier, but the battle still waned on for days and finally Ryodal Imprisoned Asi'amoq into the most powerful seal in the world known as three shattered rune prison and sealed him under mount Dyoval. To insure his complete and total incarceration Ryodal created a volcano around it to forever seal off any contact whatsoever. However, the honorless Falaxx cut down the exhausted magus and did something unspeakable, he absorbed the soul of Ryodal into his blade Soulreaver and imprisoned him there. His mind a blank, and body unguided, it exploded with the full fury of the Elemental Magic, killing nearly all of the demons on Valoran. All remaining voidlings retreated in defeat or were picked off by retaliating soldiers.
As time passed and the world healed, Soulreaver stood in a black patch of land. Forever a memory of its master's demise."

"Witch, what does this have to do with me," said Tryndamere angrily through his mind.
"There is a point to all of this young King, you must bear with me, said, Amedesa. "However, soon people once again traveled the war torn lands that would become Noxus. None dared touch the blade until an uneducated thief grabbed the blade of Falaxx one night and made off with it. Soulreaver had a violent history of its owners suddenly becoming soulless husks just sitting around with no mind whatsoever, until a ruthless man known as Degoras Darkwill picked it up. Though its fury and hatred surprised even this ruthless killer, he bore it and became one of the strongest and skilled bladesmen ever to have lived. His skill was unmatched by anyone, yet he withered away, only to die at the age of 58 from mysterious causes. His family kept it as an heirloom over his grave until it was taken by you, young Tryndamere. That blade has slain a man wielding power of the creators of the universe itself, and to repair it, you must let the blade take the soul of its original creator, Asi'amoq. Only then shall it recognize you as its master and grant you power of all those it has slain. Now git on yur way young'un" said Amedesa returning to her once again crazy rant leaving Tryndamere's mind.
"Where is this so called Asi'amoq," spat Tryndamere.
"I told ye it's under Dyoval, a dang volcano ragin' with tha hate of Asi'amoq imprisoned within the rune prison. It is said to be Indestructable from inside or de outside. But I know who help ye just wit dat, young'un. Let me open up ye a portal to send yu there."
"Who is this "'Creature"' that you speak of, witch," said Tryndamere.
"You'll see soon enough," said the witch and sent him through the portal to end up in a place he knew not of.

Wandering the finely crafted halls he noticed runes, thousands and thousands of them and knew who it was before being unable to move and heard a bloodcurdling scream. It was his own, as countless bolts of lightning pierced his body, unrelenting, unforgiving, and unbearably painful. As soon as he was released from the agonizing grasp of the rune prison he screamed his battle cry and chaged before falling unable to move.
"WHO ARE YOU TRESSPASSER," said the man in a scratchy voice. Immediately Tryndamere realized who this was. Ryze, the magus who had become affiliated in the way of runes and had devoted his time and life to study them. Once a man he was now a creature of pure mana, life energy with runes tattooed on his blue body.
'CEASE YOUR ATTACKS FOOL!" said Tryndamere roaring with pain.
"Oh, Tryndamere, I am sorry for assaulting you," said Ryze as he put his finger on Tryndamere's head and sending a blue shock of mana that healed his sore muscles. "You should not be here, especially the hall of elements. This is a sanctuary that only allows rune maguses in, how did you get in?"
"Amedesa sent me," spat Tryndamere while rubbing his muscles.
"Crazy old Ame," Ryze chuckled to himself. "So what bring you here King of Freljord?"
"I have come to ask for your aid, Rune magus. Said Tryndamere
"I have learned the true history behind my blade and I must repair it."
Shocked, Ryze quickly replied, "Yes the ancient war was so, but what must I do for you"
"I need to take the soul General Asi'amoq and restore my blade," said the impatient King.
Ryze was out of words. Choking on his tongue, he trembled as he said, "Asi'amoq was the most powerful of any Voidspawn to cross over, now I know you need me to unsummon the rune bindings that hold him, but to do so would be suicide. He knows how to summon portals for the Voidspawn to enter through."
" I WILL SLAY HIM BEFORE HE HAS A CHANCE TO MOVE ROARED TRYNDAMERE," shaking the foundations of the building.
"If you know, then I shall do it, but if not, I will destroy him forever. Your blade will be of no consequence to me, if it means the fate of our world."
"Then so it shall be. Prepare to leave at dawn Rune Mage, said Tryndamere walking out of the house.

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Nice story, needs to be finished though.