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Urgot - Hextech Gunblade or Bloodthirster

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Master Yeezus

Senior Member


I don't understand how people who have obviously never played Urgot tell you that a Hextech is terrible. For some reason everyone thinks that his Q procs on-hit effects just because they think they heard it somewhere or something. PLAY the champ before handing out your half-assed advice.

That being said, both are plenty viable. If you're going for more survivability Hextech is your choice, if you're going for melting whoever comes into contact with you Corrosive Charge then Bloodthirster is the better item.

I play Urgot. Tbh I rarely buy either in favor of a late game Last Whisper if I have a need. Urgot should make a bit of a transition from an early-mid game carry to a tanky intitiator as the game goes on. If he doesn't his ultimate is almost unusable without getting yourself killed in the process.

If I were you, I would invest that gold in a Guardian Angel and some ingredients to a mana included defensive item like Frozen Heart or Banshees Veil. It'll give you a little bit of damage and really help you late game.

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King Quixote



Fear Sivir:
Why build Hextech? He has no need for the spell vamp as all his abilities scale off of AD (apart from the shield) and the AP just gives him like 50 more shielding strength, and you should never be close enough to use the active anyway, were as the Bloodthirster will give him way more lifesteal/AD fully farmed than the Hextech. Hextech<Bloodthirster.