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The Pantheon Suggestion Thread

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Korica Riftaxe

Senior Member


Riot said they wanted feedback on how to make Pantheon better after Global Ults were removed, so lets give it to them.

I'll post my suggestions below. Post your own, upvote, and keep the thread bumped so that they can find.

OVERALL POINT #1 - Pantheon needs higher base and lower ratios. Right now he is "feast or famine" if you get fed you dominate for awhile, but if you don't you are entirely useless. Having huge ratios on Q and E forces the base damage down to compensate, and it makes him pretty weak without getting fed.

OVERALL POINT #2 - Pantheon's Ultimate, ignoring the new range, is nowhere near as good as TF's in terms of utility. First off, TF reveals the enemy team. Secondly, TF can teleport very quickly, Pantheon cannot. Since adding utility to Grand Skyfall seems unlikely, it just needs better influence in combat and - more importantly - the channel time needs to be cut down.

---------- Ability-Specific Suggestions Below

Passive - Pretty much fine.

Q - Allow it to have special bonuses against targets recently hit by Heartseeker Strike. For example, it could do double-damage or apply a slow. (Another aesthetic suggestion I have is to change it to on-next-hit, making his next attack do bonus damage and be ranged. It could be interesting animation to see him change stances to throw a spear when this ability is activated.)

W - Undo the old nerfs to stun duration. They are pathetically low at the moment. I suggest 1/1.25/1.5/1.75./2

E - Easy answer is to undo old nerfs to the channel time. I have other gripes with this ability. Compared to other AD casters, it just makes Pantheon feel clunky to rely on a channeled ability to do damage. It reduces his mobility and ability to weave through combat. I also never understood why the tooltip says "5 swift strikes", but clearly the animation shows him just flailing his spear in a giant fan. The only surefire suggestion I have is to make Heartseeker Strike apply a debuff to the target which would allow Spear Shot to have bonus effects against that target. This would alot, because at the moment, Pantheon is not very good at fighting if his W/E/Q combo does not kill the target.

Personally, I would love an ability that truly is "5 swift strikes" - something that reminds me of Jab or Zeal from Diablo II. The closest ability we have so far is Renekton's W or Udyr's Tiger Stance.

R - Reduce channel time, but keep the warning time the same. Reduce the damage and normalize it (no longer dependant on range from center), but increase the power of the slow. This means that if you don't get out of the circle in team, you are severely slowed, and Pantheon will catch you.

That's my thoughts.

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Junior Member


also make wits end proc of each hit on heartseeker strike like how ww's ult does

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Junior Member


Have the ult scale in distance over level ups.

R lvl 1 - Current distance
R lvl 2 - 50% increase or something
R lvl 3 - Global.

Same for TF I'd say.

For the E - Make it always do its full potential, none of the charge junk. Everything else is good imo.