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[Guide] A Brief AD Ezreal Guide

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Junior Member


I really like this guide.

If I'm doing amazing. I've stacked BF and made my enemies cry. Ezreal's Q spell get's such a HUGE benefit from AD items, the ratio is absolutely amazing, almost pure.

I usually go for Flat HP/Armor Penetration myself. Though I sometimes get Nashor's Tooth even for my AD build. It just benefits my spells/passive/ultimate/CDs way too much, if you have a lot of extra gold of course.

Though I'm surprised you don't get Phantom Dancer.

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Senior Member


I met an ez not to long ago that went ad, he out fougth me while i was kog maw(with my madreds, black cleaver and the anti magic resist thing) he managed to violate our entier team just him alone, it was amazing how good he was.

His build was:
Boots(he changed then i think 3 times but i cant rember what type)
Blood thrister
black cleaver

this is proberly one of the most expensiv builds ive seen. But his Q. made me cry....

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I think you need to re-evaluate this a little. Ezreal's passive is what lets him drop his dependence on Attack Speed items, allowing him to focus more on AD. Players say he drops off compared to other carries because they try and play him according to his abilities. Forget that the W exists, use E for escaping/chasing ONLY, and Q early for poke, late for getting your E off cooldown. Build pure attack damage items, and use your ult correctly during a teamfight for maximum performance, both early and late-game. Forget about any attack speed other than Zeal, and use your IE, BT, and LW to rip enemies to shreds. Get TriForce ONLY far into late game after you have these items.

Final build should look like:
Zeal-->TriForce (last)
Defensive item

Play him like an AD carry, his abilities are just bonus. He has good abilities, I don't deny that, but they are just icing on the cake.