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[Suggestion] Uniform In-Game Stat Color Standard

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Currently League of Legends has a couple of stats that champion abilities scale off of:
Ability Power - many Champs
Attack Damage - many Champs
Armor - Rammus
Magic Resist - Galio
-possibly others

These stats are reflected by certain colors in Tooltips
Example from Nidalee: Nidalee tosses her Javelin, dealing 55 [green] (+0) [/green] magic damage
*/ .

However they, are not reflected by color when it comes to:
1. Items
-For instance when I look at an AP item, say Doran's Ring, +15 Ability Power does not appear in light green like it's respective bonus does in the tooltip.
2. Champion Info window (activated by pressing 'c'),
-When this color bonus representation first showed up I thought cool, then I played a champ, Caitlyn, who has a yellow / orange bonus in her tooltips that I did not recognize what the color meant. So I thought I'll just bring up the Champion Info window because the Ability Stat will match the bonus and then I will know how to build her to maximize the damage output of her abilities. However when I brought up the Champion Info Screen there was no matching stat colors.
3. Lower Left Champion Info on In-Game HUD
-I mention this one so that it is not left out of the suggested update.

So my suggestion is that throughout the various HUD elements that mention anything have to do with stats or stat bonuses, initiate a Uniform Stat Color Standard. This will help out new players to grok what to buy assuming that they will look at the tooltips of their abilities and then buy items that match the bonus colors. Aside from that the current way that bonuses are written can lead to confusion since there is not reference to what the various tooltip stat colors: green, dark blue, red, yellow / orange mean, etc. refer to unless a player has played enough to just know. Finally this change is already supported by the game as all it is, is changing the color of text strings.