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Items for Garren?

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Ninja Juice



Trying to find a decent item build. Looking for CD reduction so I can spam and decent attack mods.

Start Brawlers gloves
Rejuv Bead
Upgrade boots depending on match
Avariace Blade
Long Sword
Yo's Blade
Wardens mail
Heart of Gold
Randuins Omen.

That's 40% CDR, sweet AS, decent AD, with some solid regen given his passive as well as some armor and HP. Only thing I'm thinking I really want is frozen mallet for chases. But then chasing usually gets you in trob. Any other Garens with some tips?

Runes I'm running arm pen, dodge, CDR, and HP Quints. What is max CDR? might drop either the runes or the stinger if I'm overkilling it.

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Junior Member


Well, i dont miss any CDR, really.

Early game it can be a *****, with your 14 seconds delay in Judgment.
But mid to late game its not that anymore, so yeah i can spam alot!

My build goes like this:

9/21/0 Masteries

Armor Pen on Marks
Dodge(or Armor) on Seals
Magic Resist on Glyphs
Health or Movement Speed on Quintessences

Then my build goes like:

Lane with Anivia i found out to be the best parnter.

Doran Shield and Pot.

Stay in lane till 1.4k +- gold
1st Back
2x Avarice and BoS

2nd Back
Yo's Blade and Boots lvl2

3rd Back
BF Sword.

Thats my base build.
I usually do like 10/0/10 on K/D/A.

If the games goes on, ill go to Guardian Angel, then Infinity Edge, then Thornmail or Force of Nature.

But it never goes so wtf

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Senior Member


This probably isn't the best item build but I found some success using it

Yo's Blade, Boots, Executioner's Calling, Warmog,

You can switch Warmog for Frozen Mallet if you want

A lot of people say Exe Calling is situational, well perhap it is. But for somone that wants Crit chance and life steal, I think its a good item.

My game usually ends around there. I find that Garen isn't that beefy. So he will die fast once his skills are on CD. I tried using CDR, but well I didn't have that much success. So I rather go for some health.

If your game last longer, I wouldn't mind picking up a Phantom Dancer (Zeal first). You can take Atma's Impaler too.

I tried 1 game with both the new items. Only worked cause it was physical heavy based enemy team. I don't like that item much (tbh). It keeps the enemy inside my Judgement but...meh I still don't like it =P

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Senior Member


stay in lane a long time, forget creeps get kills.
Starting item, BoS. Seriously, boots are great as a first item on garen, other team will piss themselves.

Summoners- heal and ghost.

First time back, 1 of 2. I generally upgrade to boots of swiftness (always unless primarily caster/stun heavy, then mercury, MAYBE. Generally you wouldn't survive a reduced stun anyway so who gives a hoot, and I play by being in the middle of all enemies and using justice, so stun, screw stun.

If you are doing well, either get BF sword or pickaxe and that critical item. I push an infinity straight out the door. At lower levels a justice will tear people to shreads.

18% lifesteal and 15% critical with a slight bleed and halving healing? why not get that item, after you get a zeal of course. I play garen like I play a teemo. Works pretty well. I do not care about stats. 10/0/10 means little. if I got 10/10/10, but I stuck through and silenced a threat while taking away half of every enemies health in a team battle, even if I die, having my 4 mates survive and blow **** up is worth it.