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Morgana's Half-Sister: Morgouse, The Seductive Necromancer

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Character Story

Morgouse founds out that she is Morgana's half-sister during her mission to conquer the kingdom of Camelot. For the love of her sister, Morgouse decided to help Morgana in pursuing her vengence and united in evil to rule the land.

Morgouse is one necromancer who can raise armies of the dead to increase their union strength. With tricks and manipulation, Morgouse is able to seduce the barbarians leader to join forces with her and so does the druids. Large union of evil is a threat and Emrys lead an alliance of Human, Elves and Wizards to fight them.

Bitter wars and political turmoils continues for years. One day, Morgana was killed in battle. Morgouse could not stand the lost of her beloved sister. She uses the forbidden magic with the "Cup of Life" to save Morgana. To return a life, one's life will be lost. Morgouse sacrifice her life for Morgana's with the hope that Morgana will continue achieving their vision of conquering the land with everything they have achieved up to that day.

Character Description
Half breed of Undead and Human figure. Blond, white, curly hair female. height same as Morgana. Wears a light armor like Lux and she holds no weapon. She cast a ball of dark fire to enemy as her attack image.

Character Style
Ranged, Mage, Pusher, Support

Character Status
Health- Average
Attack- Weak
Defense- Weak
Spell- Strong
Difficulty- Medium

Character Ability

Q- Army of the Dead
Summons 1/2/3/4/5/6 skeleton warriors to fight for you within 30 seconds. Cooldown 40 seconds. (if you buy cooldown reduction items, you can create a large armies but with that kind of hp, they can be killed with enemy abilities with area damage)

W- Art of Seduction
Seduce an enemy to attack his/her own allies/team champions with random attack or abilities for 1/2/3/4/5/6 seconds. After being seduced, any ability that cost mp will reduce the seduced enemy's mp based on any abilities used during seduction period. Cooldown (25 seconds)

E- Dark Frenzy
Increase yours and your allies attack, ability power, attack speed and movement speed for 15 seconds. Cooldown (30/28/26/24/22)
Attack Power: 10/15/20/25/30/35
Ability Power: 10/15/20/25/30/35
Attack Speed: 2/4/6//8/10/12 %
Movement Speed: 1/2/3/4/5/6 %

R- Cup of Life
Ressurect an ally on the spot where he/she dies with fully restored HP and MP in the cost of your champion's life. 180 seconds cooldown. This is within 1000 range.
(With Revive summoner's ability, champion can live again. Without that, the champion will die instantly. Like Karma, the ultimate is available at level 1 but there is no improvisation.)

Champion's Passive: Enemies around your champion will have their armor (-10) and magic resist reduced (-10).

Army of the dead Skeleton Warrior's Stats
HP: 400 (+35% of ability power)
Armor: 50% of the champion's (+25% of ability power)
Attack Damage:50-75 (+35% of ability power)

Best build for this champion's build would be the balance of cooldown reduction, ability power and mana for items, runes and mastery.

Suitable summoners' ability:
Best to have either Revive or Exhaust ability in Summoner ability slots.

This is so far i have come up with. I will need to have some comments upon how to further balance and improvise the champion because this may be imbalance to some people's view. I need help with the balance calculating the damage and all other status of the character.

Thank you for any feedback upon the creation of this new Champion.