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Corki Tactics

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So I've looked around the forums and there's a lot of people discouraging an AP corki. I play both styles depending on how the other team is built and how well i do early on. This won't really be a guide but tips on how I make an AP corki successful.

Before you read, I'm not hating on AD corkis at all, I use them to rip tanks apart. Anyways, after reading h3w0's guide to AP corki I got really inspired to try it out. First time I tried it, worked out really well. Didn't always play out the way I wanted but overall, it fit my play style quite nicely.

Now some people complain about his low ability power ratio, but IMO its pretty balanced. Why do I think that? because I've seen what those rockets can do and they hurt, a lot. The rockets are key in playing an AP build corki.

Anyways, on to what I really wanna talk about. I'm usually mid with this build

Item build (in the order shown):

heres what my item build looks like, not exactly the same as h3w0s, but ive made so many people rage with it early on

out the gate:
-saphire crystal, health potion, mana potion

-sorcerors boots
-void staff
-lich bane
-zhonyas ring
-rylais crystal scepter

the crystal gives me a bigger pool of mana which means more bombs to drop in the beggining

sheen gives me the damage I need to finish people off early game

sorc. boots: magic penetration makes abilities hurt more

soulstealer, this one im always "iffy" about because I'm not sure whether I can keep up a good amount of souls

voidstaff, heres when you really make the most of your abilities and do as much damage as you can with them without having to stack tons and tons of AP (though its pretty ironic you do anyway)

lich bane, converted from sheen, the secret of only using 2 rockets and a bomb to destroy someone in a 1 vs 1
also used to take huge chunks of hp from towers at a time, most times, the game is over when I hit this item due to the other team surrendering. procs pretty fast due to rocket usage which is important when you have 600+ ap.

z ring, huge ap boost, and a nice active that can give you enough time to cd your abilities to burst someone and narrowly escape death

rylais, honestly not sure what to buy for a 6th item, but the slow effect is nice, and so is the extra hp, but ive almost never built past 2 blasting wands for the z ring to even start this one


1st page:
RED- magic penetration
YELLOW- flat mana regen
BLUE- flat mana
QUINTS- flat hp

2nd page (this is my tanking page for singed):
RED- mag res
YELLOW- armor
BLUE- flat mana
QUINTS- flat hp

now you're probably wondering why i listed my second page if it's obvious the first page is for corki?

I did this by accident once but I lucked out because I ended up laning in mid against an ashe with tons of armor penetration runes, that extra armor is ultimately what led me to destroy mid

It got me thinking that maybe if corki weren't so squishy early game I could get kills easier. That hunch was right and I've used it sometimes with a little luck against some annoying champions to lane mid with.


Flash, Teleport, Ignite, Cleanse are my four main spells I rotate a lot. But more importantly, make sure you include flash in the lineup.

Sure you could say that with valkyrie flash isnt needed. Wrong, and I'll explain why later.

Why cleanse? Its useful for the whole game, especially with a team that has lotsa CC. I used this one week during a stun/slow heavy free champion week instead of flash when I got continuously screwed over by multi stuns, fears, taunts, and yadda yadda


its set at 9/21/0
9 gets me the magic penetration I need
21 gives me extra defence for shutting out middle lane as soon as possible

now to the tricks I use in playing with an AP built corki

AP corki is really agressive due to his insane burst capabilities
Instead of focusing on pure AP, this build has a lot of mag penetration to make sure that your abilities do as much damage as they possibly can, and thats important with the low AP ratio.

note: This build is meant for getting the early kills as fast as possible but if it doesnt work out, it keeps late game in mind also. Now you could say that thats the goal of every mid, but this build Ive been using makes it pretty dam easy to feed off of the other teams mid granted it not one of the champions that actually gives corki a hard time in mid.

also, instead of helping corkis squishyness throughout the game, it focuses on it early on letting you be more aggressive than your mid counterpart allowing for easier kills in the first place

1) i see a lot of people not doing this, and its really simple, which is kiting. Most people just stand in the same place while casting abilities, well, by doing that, you leave yourself vulnerable. Why you want to kite? Keep this in mind,

"I only move when I attack,"

so if your continuously moving, than it throws your opponent offguard, and not only that, but it keeps those pesky skill shotting heroes, like kennan, morganna, and ez from locking on to you. and potentially raping you in the face over time. Remember earlier when I said to keep flash in the lineup? Well, it's because it adds to your manueverability for one, and lets you travel far distances for another.

This scenario has happened many times to me:
some dps character comes up, starts hitting me and its a 1 vs 1

- I open up with a rocket to face then I valkyrie over them leaving them into the fire while simultaneously unleashing my gatling gun

now, valkyrie is used defensively to get away most of the time. because people have that mind set, they completely overlook the damage it does overtime.

- I shoot another rocket at their back while they turn and run the short distance to me

now heres the real beauty of this manuever, after the above has been done, use flash to teleport back to where you were originally standing. it forces them to stay in the fire and run back into you.

Now that they should be dead, shoot another rocket, and maybe another p. bomb if it cded already to end the fight while you still have half ur hp left

another obvious application of kiting is using obstacles to your advantage you have abilities that can shoot through walls, dont hesitate to abuse it

2) As an AP corki, you can initiate fights with your long range missiles and get the other team to half health before your team even gets near them, all while keeping a safe distance your self, which is what's important. It's important to stay alive and not die. Not dieing is what you want to keep in mind, which means all you have to do is play smarter, meaning initiate but don't charge in with valkyrie.

3) NEVER charge in with valkyrie unless you're sure its a 100% kill on your end. Contradictory to what I just said, but the point of this build is to get fed really fast, and shut the game down asap while protecting yourself. A lot of corkis are really agressive when they first start using him, but what they don't realize is that even though their burst is great, it can lead to an instant death, which is why I like this build, I can be agressive.

4) Missile count is the key part of playing an AP corki. I probably shoulda put this at the top of the list. Anyways, you need at least 3-4: one to initiate, another to use in the confrontation, and the last one to pick them off while theyre running away. At most I think each missile does 500 damage, probably a little less when I have my full item build set up. With that in mind a few rockets and a bomb does most opponents in.

5) Skill shots with missiles can be pretty tricky. Just keep in mind they do aoe, and to aim where you think they opponent is gonna be, not where they currently are. Early game I usually get my first kill in mid by level 4 when I have all the abilities I could possibly have. Against a dps with life steal, I burst them down and finish them off with an ignite. Against a mage, I pace myself and slowly wear them down until I can valkyrie over the minions and drop a p. bomb to finish them off. Now another great thing about missiles is their incredibly long range. Before someone even gets within melee distance or casting distance of you, you can hit them with missiles, and this only reinforces the kiting I talked about earlier.

Anyways, I think thats all I have to say, and jeez I wrote a lot. Guess it became a guide after all.

I know lotsa people don't love the AP corki and thats fine, but there are more ways than just one to play any character, and others have had different experiences with them.

on a side note, one of my favorite lines to hear my friend say when an iminent death from my rocket is coming:

"BOOOOOOM!!! -insert laughter here-"

thx for reading

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Renegade Atom

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I was wondering if anyone else besides me saw the potential for an AP Corki.
I played him for my first time today and my friend where telling me that his rockets where key. and I'm sitting there with 197 AD and its only giving me 39 extra damage for my ult whereas my 33 AP is giving me 10 extra damage and im thinking why am I AD again? especially since only 1 other ability scaled off of AD and his other 2 are AP.
I would recommend Ionia's instead of Sorceror's, especially since you get a Void Staff Later. The extra CD'scan save your life and helps u get rockets faster.

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Corki's passive, his Rockets and Gatling gun scale with AD, his W is an escape move and Q is an AOE blind preventing them from autoattacking back. I can't see why it is wrong going AD Corki honestly.

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By going AP instead of AD, you're getting a 50% increase in damage from missiles (my favorite harass in the game), infinitely more boost to phosphorus, Valkyrie gets boosted damage (only actually used that offensively once personally, but that time it made the difference between a death and a kill), and you take a **** on your gattling gun and your auto attack spam.

What this means: More mobile, more harass, less ghosting after with armor shred and you've got to be better at placing your spells.

I prefer AD corki (I like to bait with missiles and when they get annoyed enough and come close I can just pull a surprise buttsecs on them with armor shred and frozen mallet), but AP sounds viable late game. Early game, phosphorus has too low of a cooldown and it's going to be harder to farm.

PS: Get trinity force over lich bane. You lose out on ability power, but your proc is better, your movement is faster, and you get a chance to slow (which helps along with the movement for even better kiting).

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holy ****, i forgot this existed, this was one of the first posts ive made on these forums.

for the most part this is outdated since I havent built AP corki since they added the AD ratio to his ulti

the concept is still the same when it comes to being able to dish out some spammable aoe damage but it suffers from being outdone by actual casters and the fact that you HAD to shut down their mid and end the game early which wont happen in every game consistently. If the game drags you were probably better off going AD

the other problem I see was the change they made to sheen and its item paths. It used to have a pool system where to my understanding you could spam as many skills you wanted and the item would save up procs to use every 3 secs. not a big deal but it was really mindless since you didnt have to keep track

if you have a team with enough AD and good CC, go for AP by all means but as an AD carry you're literally melting tanks just as good, if not better than, kog maw.

@the trinity force over lich bane

this doesnt apply to everything, only really concerns AP
the build overall still covers all that, you get movement from lich, and slows from rylai while still keeping your ap

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@the trinity force over lich bane

this doesnt apply to everything, only really concerns AP
the build overall still covers all that, you get movement from lich, and slows from rylai while still keeping your ap

You're right, Rylai DOES cover the slow better since missiles have longer range than auto attack and it's 5% more. I think that pushes trinity into 'too expensive for the benefit' territory.

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Your problem is that he simply scales really badly with AP. When you have a champ that scales that badly, throwing large amounts of AP at it is very inefficient.

Look at AP Kog. he blows because it takes 1333 AP just to DOUBLE the damage dealt by his ult! Compare to most champs that need about 500AP to double their effectiveness. However, AP Kog pays the same gold for the same amount of AP...it just does less.

Corki is similar. With a 0.3 AP ratio on rockets that do 260 base dmg, you need 867 AP to double its damage. This is bad!

His Bomb has 0.5 Ratio which is similarly bad.
Gatling is unaffected by AP entirely.
Valkerie is an escape though ironically it has the best ratio at 0.4 per second.

The main reason this kind of works is because of Lichbane(lategame), and the fact that you are also adding lots of Magic Penetration. THIS is why you appear to be doing a lot more damage.

With Kog for example, I take magic pen runes, then get Sorc Boots, sufficient mana for him, and Malady which also shreds magic resist. This highly boosts my Spell damage without spending gold on AP.

In the same way, I'd expect an "AP" Corki build to revolve around having plenty of mana for spell spam, taking sorc boots and MPen runes, and maybe even Haunting Guise or similar to ensure those rockets deal maximum amount of damage, and then have lots of CDR to ensure maximum spell usage.
Then take TriForce, Manamune and the usual suspects.