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A Modest Proposal

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You see, I prefer to have my smartcast as the numbers 1 through 4, I use Q and E for summoner spells, and WASD to scroll the camera. I prefer using smartcast in most situations because it saves time, perhaps only fractions of second, but I'm sure we can all agree that in many situation, every fraction of a second is needed.

For an off-hand example, if you're playing someone like Veigar, then it can be a bit difficult to get off a full combo before your stun ends, especailly if you're also using something like Deathfire Grasp. However there are also times when it is neccesary to have perfect accuracy in your casting, like Veigar's cage, or Anivia's wall. While for most of my skills I like to use smartcast, for spells like these I would like a bit more finesse so I use normal casting - but then I either have to click the icon (an enormous waste of time), rebind the key (confusing when you have all smartcast and one normal cast), or rebind normal and smartcasting in different locations.

Now some might read my last sentence and wonder why I would need a second set of keys, I will answer thus: while you can bind both normal and smart casting to reguar keys, you cannot bind normal casting to key combinations. Since the entire purpose of smart-casting is to improve your speed, it would be ridiculous to bind it to a combination of keys (which is why my smart casts are bound to [1234], instead of [shift + 1234]), but at the same time, normal casting cannot be bound to key-combinations.

So I can have my normal casts as [1234], and my smart casts as [Shift + 1234], but not the other way around? Doesn't quite make sense, Riot. Can I please have more flexibility in my key binding options?