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We don't want New Champs, we want New Gameplay

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We appreciate all your work to pump out new and unique Champions at such a constant rate, but the more Champions that come, the more we feel as if we're beating a dead dog with a stick. We don't need more and more Champions to play the same game, we need multiple new types of ways to play the game with the Champs we already have, and I feel it'd make us appreciate the ones we've got now quite a bit more rather than just waiting for the next one to crank out to keep our interest.

You're treating a symptom instead of satiating the core of what we really need as consumers of the product to maintain the appeal and keep the fanbase from falling into disinterest.

At E3 we were promised new maps and modes along with an interface but so far all I've seen are 3 Champions I've unfortunately had little motivation to stay excited for. Not to say they're not exciting themselves, because The Monkey King? is something you just can't go wrong with. Regardless, I'm eager to further my gameplay experience and I'd very much like to see this evolve in the way we all know it has the potential to to become the kind of game we can all grow with as it becomes more.

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they did just implement bots on 3vs3 custom, but i guess not everyone is so hyped about that (i am, its a fast way to test builds, on paper some work but i still need a normal/coop/custom to test them because of cooldowns, custom is the fastest way to rack up gold to test 6 items builds, in normal and coop players tend to ks on purpose lol, i seen to many a time when ppl come close to me while im killing an enemy in coop, only to hold a skill until they are almost dead, instead of helping me kill them faster, and bcs bots in coop die too many times they dont give gold by midgame, and most coop games end by 3rd or 4th item, same can be said for normal sometimes, if you are winning and fed, you will most likely reach endgame by 4th or 5th item, either by surrender or broken nexus after ace or something)

but i get your point /signed

Anyhow i cant talk for other people but im not unsatisfied with the rate of new content, new champions do come in at a rate of 1 or 2 weeks at most. I just wished the new content werent champions all the time. Achievements are still on the works, that if anything would be a good start? i mean its not as hard and time consuming as making a new map and testing it.

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Valid points, but I feel like one of the reasons LoL is such a great game is because there are not very many variations on how to play the game. I think of it like chess. The game doesn't change as far as rules and board size are concerned but the game is very different each time you play it. No LoL game is exactly the same and that's what makes it fun.